Friday, 29 December 2017

TNT Ray's & Tony Call for December 29, 2017

"800 number's Come out Today" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - 12/29/17

"1 urgent" "2 quick report" "3 put on notice" "4 why should you move with urgency" gcr/rv update tank 12/29/17

By Tank

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"Lite it up" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - December 28, 2017

Dinarland Highlights for December 28, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of December 29 2017

"Dear Cabal" & "Deeply Rooted Cabal Litigation" - Tank - December 28, 2017

Office of Poofness & Zap December 28, 2017 “Mid-week Report”

"it's time to go now" - gcr/rv speak intel update - tank - december 28, 2017 it's time to go now • economic sanctions were released by the us on iraq on december 26th, 2017 • this is why we're hearing about rate changes being reported at the banks • last night they were doing final rate adjustments • this morning at 10 am the software updates should be those rate adjustments being implemented • at 2pm the "integrity tests" in the past have gone on way too long testing transfers and exchanges going through the system • the system is fine. the people in charge are the one's who's integrity needs to be tested. • today we should know very quickly that the system is set to go or be included on the integrity test by allowing us to exchange • the promise of performance telling us that it "would definitely get pushed through this time" just seems like more stall tactics designed to pacify us so we don't take this law suit public • there is one way to prevent us from filing, and that is to perform. • we know it was part of the planned lie and thus part of the usable evidence for the law suit to drag us into the new year and pretend like there were delays. these tactics make me sick. after telling people for three years straight that they'd be done by christmas, your plan was to intentionally lie to us again? • where are the good guys? give us some indication that you'll actually get this done. do not come back later with more lies. these promises day after day have less and less weight. • i on the other hand am not lying. and from a rico law perspective we are a greater threat than anything on the other side of the exchange. • i've given you every opportunity to contact me directly and work straight with me. the scared enslaved currency holders who are terrified to upset you have taken liberty to call me to yell at me with their fear and nonsense. i will not be persuaded by these threats. i am not concerned about upsetting those who continue to wrongfully enslave me and the rest of the world. everything i'm doing is legal and completely transparent. imagine that. • our oppressors have held back resources, cures, technologies, and more causing genocidal human suffering. and people actually have the nerve to get upset when someone stands up to fight for them. that's okay. i'll still fight for you. you can't help it. but if you hinder the process in any way, i will hold you accountable as part of the same crimes against humanity. so please use wisdom in what you say to people to discourage them from being part of their own liberation. • we don't want to file but we are not willing to be slaves for another moment. free us now tank