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Lindsey Williams. New Signs of the Elite

Cosmic Vision News - 06 . 26 . 2015

The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 456, June 28, 2015

Audio Track.

Issue 456.

Manhattanhenge Fail

Before Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system and instituted a daily Figure 8 wobble in the Earth in 2004, Manhattanhenge fell regularly on May 28. Cosmology works like this. It is precise and consistent. This was the case in 2002, on record to be the case. But after Nibiru’s arrival, excuses started appearing.

Manhattan Sunset
January 1, 2002
For Manhattan, a place where the evening matters more than the morning, that special day comes on May 28; one of only two days in the year when the Sun sets in exact alignment with the Manhattan grid, fully illuminating every single cross-street for the last fifteen minutes of daylight. The other day is July 11th. Had Manhattan's grid been perfectly aligned with the geographic north-south line, then our special day would be the spring equinox, and if we so designated, the autumn equinox—the only two days on the calendar when the Sun rises due east and sets due west. But Manhattan is rotated 30 degrees east from geographic north, shifting the days of alignment elsewhere into the calendar. Upon studying American culture, and what is important to it, future anthropologists might credit the Manhattan alignments to cosmic signs of Memorial Day and, of course, the All-Star break. War and baseball. While the May 28 sunset qualifies as the exact day for this auspicious moment, the surrounding days will also work, as the sunset point migrates slowly north from day to day along the horizon, bringing with it ever-lengthening daylight hours.
Manhattanhenge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattanhenge
The first Manhattanhenge occurs around May 28, while the second occurs around July 12. The precise dates of Manhattanhenge depend on the date of the summer solstice, which varies from year to year but remains close to June 21. In 2014, the "full sun" Manhattanhenge occurred on May 30 at 8:18 p.m., and on July 11 at 8:24 p.m. The event has attracted increasing attention in recent years. The dates in which sunrise aligns with the streets on the Manhattan grid are evenly spaced around the winter solstice, and correspond approximately to December 5 and January 8.
Erratic dates for “the moment” when Manhattanhenge would occur became more and unpredictable, even requiring a last minute tweek from Neil deGrasse Tyson. All this of course with no explanation, as the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X nearby was still in force. You will note that the Sun did appear, however, in spite of haze or cloud cover. You will also note that the wandering unpredictable dates had nothing to do with the year being a leap year.

Manhattanhenge Tonight?
May 30, 2007
It is time once again for the first Manhattanhenge sunset of 2007. Or not. AMNY is saying that tonight's sunset [May 30] will be perfectly aligned with the east-west grid of Manhattan streets. However, NewYorkology received the dates from Neil deGrasse Tyson's office at the Hayden Planetarium and they are saying Manhattanhenge doesn't occur until tomorrow night. [May 31]
Manhattanhenge 2007
May 29, 2007
Addendum – Hmm. A bit of debate as to this year’s date for Manhattanhenge. I thought it was May 29th, AM NY says May 30, but apparently it’s May 31st this year! Dr Tyson – it’s time for an official Manhattanhenge website to keep us all straight.
Manhattanhenge is Coming Up - May 30-31, 2015 https://www.flickr.com/photos/yukonblizzard/17801756746/
This was shot from 2011 on Long Island City at Gantry State Park.

Here Are All of the Manhattanhenge 2015 Dates
May 28, 2015
Scene from New York City 12 months ago.
Manhattanhenge 2015 – Schedule, Peak Times, and the Best Street Views http://www.latinospost.com/articles/62819/20150530/manhattanhenge-2015
People watch and photograph the sunset on 14th Street during 'Manhattanhenge' on May 29, 2013 in New York City. Astrophysics Neil deGrasse Tyson coined the term after Stonehenge, the prehistoric circle of stones in Wiltshire, England that continuously draws curious visitors. Manhattanhenge, he says, is an homage to Stonehenge and how it annually aligns with the rising sun during the summer solstice.
So what happened in 2015? The dates were widely published, and the loyal crowds came out on both the half-Sun and full-Sun days, but the Sun was a no-show! This was blamed on the clouds, but as can be seen from prior years, neither haze nor cloud cover can block the Sun. It was a no show.  

Here are All of the Manhattanhenge 2015 Dates
May 28, 2015
Half Sun on the Grid: Friday, May 29 8:12 P.M. EDT. Monday, July 13 8:21 P.M. EDT.  Full Sun on the Grid:Saturday, May 30 8:12 P.M. EDT. Sunday, July 12 8:20 P.M. EDT.
Manhattanhenge: May 2015
May 29, 2015
Due to cloud cover the Sun was not visible.
Cloudy Skies give Manhattanhenge Photos a Monet-like feel
May 30, 2015
Manhattan was aglow with a smeared golden light as the sun aligned with city cross streets, bursting through a cloudy sky. The haziness gave photos of the biannual phenomenon a Monet-like quality. Manhattanhenge fans were saddened by the weather’s impact on the typically voluminous sun, but that didn’t stop crowds from blocking intersections.
Manhattanhenge Happened Last Night
May 30, 2015
Congrats you city dwellers had a sunset. Yehe har har. … Just was severely underwhelming.
Was it the weather? On both days there was no heavy rain or cloud cover over New York City. It takes more than this to block the Sun.

And what was the result on the full-Sun day, the evening of May 30, 2015? Another no-show. What this means is that the Earth wobble has gotten more extreme and more erratic. Perhaps when the presence of Nibiru nearby is officially admitted, Neil deGrasse Tyson will be able to admit that fact.

New York lines up for #Manhattanhenge
7:45 p.m. Saturday, May 30, 2015
Viewers can get a glimpse of the display tonight according to the American Museum of Natural History. “A rare and beautiful sight,” Tyson writes. “For these two days, as the sun sets on the grid, half the disk sits above and half below the horizon.” … The #clouds missed the memo and ruined it. … #Manhattanhenge fail … #Manhattanhenge was a bust but the moon looked cool … #Manhattanhenge didn't happen these past two days … The most photographed cloud in the history of the City of New York #Manhattanhenge … Tried to catch the #manhattanhenge but it was a #fail.
ZetaTalk Insight 6/6/2015: Poor Neil deGrasse Tyson, caught between obvious evidence of the Earth wobble and the many delays in Obama’s anticipated announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru. What can he say? In prior years, such as in 2007, last minute tweeking allowed Neil to save face. But this year matters went terribly wrong, the Earth moving under the polar push of the daily Figure 8 wobble to the extent that the Sun went down before it was anticipated to arrive, disappearing over the horizon as the Earth tilted its N Pole away putting the bulge of the Earth’s fat middle between New York City and the setting Sun. Sudden. Untimely. No time to alter the forecast. Perhaps Neil and Nancy can discuss this as an example of the Earth wobble after the announcement happens, during their debates.
End Times Posturing
While the cover-up over the nearby presence of Nibiru slowly crumbles, the establishment is stealthily preparing for the Pole Shift and panic in the populace. Recent evidence of this can be seen in the renewed Billionaire Giveaway, in the Windows 10 giveaway, in plans in Sweden for Stockholm 2 under the guise of housing immigrants, and in the wealthy shedding their coastal homes. The Billionaire Giveaway, started by Bill Gates in 2010, was per the Zetas a thinly veiled attempt to placate the masses and an attempt to buy their way into Heaven.
10 more Billionaires join Buffett-Gates Giving Pledge
June 3, 2015
They signed the Giving Pledge -- an effort started in 2010 by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates -- to encourage billionaires to commit to giving away most of their money either during their lifetimes or in their wills. The pledgers are now 137 strong and hail from 14 countries.
ZetaTalk Comment 8/7/2010: There are multiple reasons for the current campaign. One is to put in the mind of the common man that the wealthy are compassionate, thus blunting rage against the wealthy when the truth about the Planet X cover-up is out in the open, the truth about who knew. Another is to ease the rage the common man feels about the current economic depression, where jobs are lost and homes lost, this after a decade under Bush/Cheney where the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, lest someone go postal and shoot them. And yet another is the hope that by appearing generous, abiding by their interpretations that 50% of the time one must think of others and thus this means 50% of their wealth, they will ipso facto be considered Service-to-Other and get to live in our Service-to-Other communities. Such is their naivete.
The Windows 10 giveaway is, per the Zetas, designed to be a gigantic snooping operation. Yes, it is wiz-bang with wonderful goodies. Yes, it is being given away free to almost anyone who is willing to install it. And yes, it automatically updates so that anything MicroSoft wants to download into your computer can whisk in unnoticed. The intent? To be able to read the collective minds of the populace, almost before they know what they are thinking, the better to distribute disinformation in a timely manner. The establishment plans to get out ahead of the news.

Windows 10 http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/
Yes, free! This upgrade offer is for a full version of Windows 10, not a trial. 3GB download required; standard data rates apply. To take advantage of this free offer, you must upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of availability. Once you upgrade, you have Windows 10 for free on that device.
ZetaTalk Insight 6/6/2015: We have repeatedly been asked if the Internet will survive and continue to be open, and our response has from the start of ZetaTalk been that we anticipate that the establishment will not be able to shut it down. The reason is that commerce and industry, government business as well as private, use the Internet extensively and to simply shut it down would create too much havoc for those in power. Their approach has instead been to try to get the populace to use versions of the Internet, connecting to floating platforms like the Outernet or Project Loon.  These provide information to the populace but don’t allow updates or email from the populace, but an Internet that is no more than an interactive TV did not generate interest from the public.
The Internet was designed to be able to function despite blockages, flowing like water around them. Even if the media, TV and radio, were tightly controlled, the Internet allows the public to provide information to others and learn what is happening around the world. If this cannot be stopped, how can the elite control this? Disinformation is designed to counter the facts, but is most effective when used early so it does not look like a reaction. The facts themselves then are cloaked like a reaction, as they arrive second. To achieve this, Windows 10 will be a gigantic snooping operation, given away free with lots of goodies so hopefully installed on a massive number of personal computers and mobile devices.
Sweden is considered by many in Europe to be the go-to country when the rest of Europe floods. But both Norway and Sweden limit immigration and are strict. Why would Sweden then begin to talk about Stockholm 2, a concept rather than a place, where they can house immigrants in the future? Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden, has 430,000 dwelling places at present but Stockholm 2 will required an additional 600,000 dwelling places. Humm. Per the Zetas, they are merely trying to stay below the radar and not raise alarm among their citizens. They anticipate coastal flooding as the globe moves closer to the date of the Pole Shift and the wobble worsens, and certainly anticipate coastal flooding in the Aftertime – but they don’t want to admit any of this just yet.

Sweden will now Build Stockholm 2.0 to House all Immigrants
April 30, 2015
Sweden will now build Stockholm 2.0 to house all immigrants. It’s the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning that has produced a report, which states that 600 000 new dwellings would have to be built in the coming 11 years, largely because the increase in citizens is “more than expected”. In comparison, Stockholm municipality has 430 000 dwellings. This would be the largest building project ever in Sweden. To make this a reality, large sacrifices are needed from the tax payers, the board states. The board also lists a number of fair and just suggestions to make it easier for immigrants to get a residence, which includes putting immigrants ahead of Swedes in various apartment queues and constructing houses out of old churches.
Insight - A New Stockholm To Be Built Within 6 Years http://www.redicecreations.com/TV/2015/Insight-New-Stockholm
The Swedish political elite have plans to build a new city, funded entirely by Swedish taxpayers, to accommodate the massive wave of incoming immigrants. This radical plan also proposes the confiscation of summer homes and the conversion of old historical buildings and churches in order to facilitate the arrival of new immigrants. Meanwhile, Sweden's welfare system is plummeting as politicians suffer from Stockholm syndrome, trying to be a "humanitarian superpower." Native Swedes have been chosen to carry the weight of the world, sacrificing themselves on the altar of multiculturalism.
ZetaTalk Insight 6/6/2015: Clearly Stockholm 2 is not to be located with the existing Stockholm, though the exact site or sites are not indicated. Is the intent to house immigrants? Sweden has been tightening up their immigration standards and pulling back the welcome mat, so what is the real agenda here? We have stated that Sweden intends to take care of its citizens when the Pole Shift arrives, and will do so conscientiously. Its capitol, Stockholm, lies on the water’s edge and will suffer from sloshing in the Baltic Sea and the general sea level rise after the Pole Shift. Under the auspices of the Stockholm 2 endeavor, they will prepare existing housing inland and upland from Stockholm.  The “confiscation of summer homes and the conversion of old historical buildings and churches” does not involve a burden on tax payers as the buildings already exist. And the fact that Stockholm 2 could be widely disbursed over the country is implied. When the time comes to move their citizens from the coastlines, and from the capitol itself, there will be places to go! 
San Andreas Movie
The newly released San Andreas movie is a block buster, and highly accurate! Is this what will happen during the hour of the Pole Shift? Yes, and worse. The Zetas have predicted magnitude 9 earthquakes worldwide, which this film depicts for California cities. The Zetas have predicted tsunami, which is depicted, but also global ocean sloshing which it not depicted. The Zetas have predicted hurricane force winds, also not depicted. The Zetas have predicted that at the time of the Pole Shift, if not before, that all dams will break and this film shows the Hoover Dam giving way. But the outstanding contribution of this film was to emphasize that predicting earthquakes by using the increase in electromagnetic flow from the rocks is possible. This is indeed an earthquake predictor which can be used by the common man!

San Andreas (film) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Andreas_%28film%29
This movie depicts the devastation of California caused by massive earthquakes and tsunami flooding. There are scenes where kind hearted people assist others. Selfish people loot, trample and abandon those in their care. People with no chance of escape embrace before death. Scientists are ignored at first but are then given full media coverage. Law enforcement and emergency workers eventually arrive to restore order and rebuild.
I, Nancy, went to see the movie on opening day and listed how closely it paralleled ZetaTalk. The Zetas agree!
The San Andreas movie paralleled ZT in many places:
1. Hoover Dam breaks (ZetaTalk says it will during the New Madrid adjustment).
2. Geologist describes Colorado River, which he carefully outlines on a map running down from the Hoover, as a river bed which he calls a "deformation" in the crust, thus outlining a hidden fault or plate border. Zetas say river bottoms run along sagging thin crust, which is "drooping".
3. 8's not being the big one, can be followed promptly by 9+'s. Zetas say this about the New Madrid.
4. San Andreas rip point can be seen from the air. This is true already that one can see where the plate border lies from an airplane, nothing new, but emphasized that one side goes up, the other down, and lateral movement. Both true of the present scars there.
5. Tsunami accurately shown. Water pulls away from shore, then in it comes, very high. Period of time after the big quakes too, which is accurate.
6. Concrete fascia on buildings shatters readily, concrete buildings crumble. Metal frame do not deform but hold up but if the ground below tilts or drops, they will too.
7. Magnetics can be used to determine a pending quakes. ZT talks about magnetic screech, from pressed rock, increasing before a quake (pets run away, etc) in the movie they refer to this simply as magnetism, which they show spiking or not. Unsure what magnetism they are measuring, presumably from the rock as they have their laptops with them at the Hoover Dam.
ZetaTalk Insight 6/6/2015: This is a commendable movie, in that it sticks to the facts. Is the destruction what can be anticipated during the Pole Shift, or before? It is indeed descriptive of what will occur during the Pole Shift, when magnitude 9 quakes are experienced worldwide. A tsunami is depicted accurately, but in that the San Andreas movie is not depicting the Pole Shift, no ocean sloshing to a height of 500 feet or greater is shown. Imagine LA with such a tide, on top of earthquake destruction, and the reason for the message to be out of the cities when the Last Weeks are undeniable is clear.

We have stated that the New Madrid adjustment will precede any major adjustment along the San Andreas, and precede any anticipated break in the Hoover Dam. We have also stated that the Hoover Dam is likely to react to pressure in the bowing of the N American continent by jammed spillways so that the lake water backs up into Las Vegas. But we have also stated that all dams will shatter and fail in some manner during or before the Pole Shift, and the movie provides an apt warning in this regard. We were also pleased to find that our descriptions of electro-magnetic screech in the rocks can be used as a means to predict quakes, a fact known to mankind but not stressed in the media. 

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2010: Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid, and occur after the Hoover Dam breaks we have not given any timing clues. Great quakes, such as magnitude 9, should not be expected, but eruptions in the West Coast volcanoes should be anticipated. A slip-slide fault line usually does not move all at once, but in a domino fashion, a bit here, a bit there.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/7/2012: What then is likely to happen to the Hoover Dam as the pressure of the N American bow increases, as it surely will prior to the New Madrid adjustment?  The Hoover Dam in particular was built so sturdily that it is unlikely to shatter. This was because it was intended to hold back an immense amount of water, and the site chosen because the rock on either side of the dam was considered impervious to erosion or crumbling. What then is likely to happen to the Hoover Dam as the pressure of the N American bow increases, as it surely will prior to the New Madrid adjustment? Spillways are openings in the dams, tubes that run through the dams ending in gates, all of which are vulnerable to being crunched and broken. Jammed shut, what would the water flowing into the lake above the Hoover Dam do? It would rise, and flow into Los Vegas along the ravines that connect the two.

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TNT Tony’s Call for 06 . 26 . 2015

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TPP: The Secret Meeting To Destroy America

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Abraham Hicks ~ Pain is evidence of desire

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NASA's Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth

Flat Earth Clues | Full Documentary Movie 2015

CERN, Shiva, Flat Earth! Must Watch...

Flat Earth Inquiry and Apollo 20

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Cosmic Vision News - 06 . 19 . 2015

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The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 455, June 21, 2015

Audio Track.

Issue 455.

Incite Martial Law
Is someone, or someone(s), trying to incite Martial Law in the US? From live Anthrax shipped from a secure Utah lab to Mohammed cartoons being featured on MTA ads in major cities including Washington DC to the incessant Black Lives Matter protests inciting rioting – it would seem that this is the motive. So say the Zetas, who present their case and explain who would benefit. First, the fact that George Soros laid out 33 million dollars to encourage the Black Lives Matter protests. While this might seem like an ultra-liberal agenda, Soros was known for inciting the Orange Revolution in Europe, and does not deny that his hand was in the recent Ukraine uprising against Russia. He incites revolutions that benefit George Soros.

The Mysterious Sponsor behind the Ferguson Protests and Media Campaign: George Soros
January 15, 2015
Billionaire George Soros donated $33million to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint. The Soros cash was also put to work driving buzzwords and social media campaigns to propel Ferguson into the national consciousness.
Billionaire George Soros spent $33MILLION Bankrolling Ferguson Demonstrators
January 16, 2015
The cash was reportedly funneled into keeping up numbers of protesters in the community over a period of months by bringing in outside activists.
Just like Ukraine and Ferguson, Riots in Baltimore are being Funded by George Soros
April 29, 2015
What everybody needs to realize is that these riots are not just spontaneous uprisings from a handful of civilians, nor some organic social movement but rather a systematically funded political endeavor by billionaire George Soros. Soros does not only instigate violence and unrest in line with his own agenda in America – last year, during the uprisings in Ukraine, the billionaire openly admitted that he was fully behind the overthrow of the country’s legally elected government, just as he has been interfering in Russia-linked nations since the 1980s.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/30/2015: We have repeatedly pointed out that the elite in America would like martial law declared as soon as possible. The reason: they feel this would force the military to protect their enclaves and assets. George Soros failed in his efforts to push Russia back from the Ukraine and the Crimea, and has admitted he failed. But in the past he has had his successes so is arrogant. Investigative reporters have uncovered 33 million in Soros monies to spur rioting and protests in Fergusen and Baltimore. What is his real agenda here?
George Soros, like Dick Cheney, imagines himself a kingmaker, someone above a king, akin to God, in being able to manipulate human society. If Cheney was able to manipulate the intelligence agencies to arrange 911 as an inside job, Soros uses his billions. Soros has failed once again, as Obama refused to rush into martial law to contain the riots and protests, directing the Department of Justice to quietly step in to correct police malfeasance instead. Deftly handled by Obama, just as the Ukraine flashpoints were deftly handled by Putin, who refused to be bullied or enraged.
Second, the press to plaster cartoon images of Mohammed on ads on MTA busses and subways in New York City and Washington DC can hardly be innocent, as the recent shootout in Texas at a cartoon contest shows. In your eye, ISIS, is the technique being used here, rather blatantly. Israel stands to benefit as do wealthy Jews and the wealthy elite in the US, per the Zetas.

AFDI’s New Free Speech Bus and Train Ad Campaign Featuring Muhammad Cartoon
May 26, 2015
Because freedom of speech is under violent assault, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has announced a new ad campaign to defend freedom of speech and stand up to violent intimidation kicking off in the nation’s capital. The ad campaign has been submitted to the Washington, D.C. MTA to run on buses and train dioramas in the Foggy Bottom, Capitol South, Bethesda, L’Enfant Plaza, and Shady Grove stations.
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Texas Cartoon Attack
May 6, 2015
The Islamic State group is claiming responsibility for an attack at a center near Dallas, Texas, exhibiting cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.
Two Gunmen Shot Dead by cops outside Controversial 'Prophet Muhammad' Art Exhibit in Texas
May 4, 2015
The contest was organized by the New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative, which is run by right-wing blogger Pamela Geller. It had offered a $10,000 reward for the best cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Physical depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are deemed insulting and blasphemous to many followers of Islam and have previously sparked violence around the world. Her group posted subway ads featuring a picture of a menacing man with his face masked in a Middle Eastern scarf next to a quote attributed to “Hamas MTV” that reads: “That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?” The MTA last week decided to ban all political ads after a judge ruled that Geller’s group could post the ad.
ZetaTalk Comment 5/30/2015: The Charlie Hebdo incident in France showed that it takes only a cartoon to incite a jihad. The incident in Texas, also using free speech as an excuse, was a test. Now we leap to Washington DC, the site of the US government, home to the President and Congress and Supreme Court.  This is not a showing of cartoons in a building, it is to be displayed on busses and on subways, incessant insults to what has been shown is a firm religious rule in the minds of many radical Muslims.  Why not just pour gasoline on Washington DC and thrown in a match?
Who is behind the attempts to bring ISIS attacks to the US? Soros is known for supporting ultra-left organizations, including those supporting Islamic principles. When one aspires to be a kingmaker, the ability to incite a jihad is a card to be held. The elite desire to force Obama to declare martial law to defend their enclaves and assets is making strange bedfellows, as the ultra-right such as Israel support is involved too. If race riots and ISIS jihad do not do the trick, then First Amendment challenges to gun rights, such as the Brady Ranch incident, may be added to the mix. Challenging times to be the President of the US.
Third, the release of live Anthrax bacillus to several state labs. Remember the Anthrax scare in 2002 after 911 had heightened fear of terrorism? That Anthrax mailed as white powder in envelopes to various enemies of the Bush administration was traced to the very same Utah lab now responsible for the 2015 live Anthrax mailing. No one was prosecuted under Bush, which happened repeatedly during the Bush administration’s attempt to incite Martial Law.  Per the Zetas, look to the same crowd behind this current Anthrax scare.

Live Anthrax Shipped across States, to S. Korea by Accident – Pentagon
May 27, 2015
The Pentagon says that live anthrax was inadvertently shipped across state lines from a military lab in Utah to nine other states and a military base in South Korea. Anthrax samples were being shipped out from two military facilities for over a year, from March 2014 to April 2015. These samples were mistakenly marked inactive. While the anthrax samples were first moved out of Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, they were later shipped from Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland to federal, private and academic facilities.
Pentagon Says It Accidentally Shipped Nine Live Anthrax Spores
May 27, 2015
It is suspected, but not yet confirmed, that anthrax sent to labs in as many as eight other states also contained live spores. The anthrax samples were shipped from Dugway to government and commercial labs in Texas, Maryland, Wisconsin, Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York, California and Virginia. Although an inactivated agent was expected, the lab reported they were able to grow live Bacillus anthracis.
More Mistaken Anthrax Shipments than First Reported: US Military
June 3, 2015
Pentagon officials insisted there was no threat to public health but said the latest numbers showed live anthrax spores were shipped to 51 labs in 17 states and the capital Washington, as well as to Australia, Canada and a US base in South Korea.
ZetaTalk Comment 5/30/2015: Now we have the addition of an Anthrax outbreak.  This is not the first time live Anthrax has been released by this Utah lab. In 2002 when live Anthrax was being mailed to politicians in Washington DC, to enemies of the Bush administration, the strain was identified as coming from a Utah lab used by the CIA and DOD. No one was ever prosecuted. Now this same lab has yet again released live Anthrax bacillus. In 2005 under the Bush administration, the CDC released a live 1957 bird flu virus to over 4,000 labs around the world. The FBI concluded this could not have been an accident, but no one was ever prosecuted.
What will be the outcome under Obama? The Bush administration protected those committing crimes that suited their purposes, but under Obama the Department of Defense and CIA have been cleaned up, old Bush cronies put in place by Cheney ahead of his exit being removed. Under Bush in 2007, a live nuke was removed from North Dakota and flown to Louisiana, to be used as a dirty bomb by the Bush administration. This mess was only recently cleaned up by Obama. Expect a similar aggressive cleanup in the ultra-right Utah labs.

Is there any other evidence that the old Bush crowd is still trying to incite Martial Law, always looking to remove your civil liberties for their benefit? The InfoWars site has noted a subliminal message in an AARP ad. What is curious is the use of the word “outbreak”, as since the Bush administration left office the fear mongering over a potential bird flu pandemic seems to have been absent. Per the Zetas, the old Bush crowd just took this off the shelf from their old days, ready propaganda.

Ad Council Responds to Bizarre PSA Featuring “Martial Law” Announcement
May 1, 2015
The Ad Council has responded to concerns about a bizarre PSA it created in partnership with AARP that features a news broadcast reporting on the announcement of martial law following nationwide riots. The commercial, which promotes the Ad Council’s Caregiver Assistance program, includes the background audio of a TV news anchor announcing, “Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law… the President is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm… authorities are working to contain the outbreak.” The audio cannot be picked up consciously and is only heard with the volume turned up.
ZetaTalk Insight 5/9/2015: Who, if anyone, is inserting subliminal messages about martial law in order to “contain an outbreak” in an ad intended for AARP audiences. The current likely reasons for Martial Law would not be an “outbreak” but rioting in cities and a flood of immigrants from the Caribbean and Mexico. But a bird flu pandemic was something the Bush administration attempted to trigger, was caught at but never prosecuted, and thus the scenario in the subliminal message fits that era. It is thus friends of the old Bush crowd, using off-the-shelf tools from that era, who are once again leaving their fingerprints as evidence.
We have mentioned that the elite - the wealthy and politically powerful – want Obama to declare martial law as soon as possible so they are forced to secure the enclaves of the elite. The US military would become their private militias, in essence. To the extent they can influence the thinking of the public, to “remain calm”, they would be doing so. The announcement admitting that Nibiru is real and inbound cannot be delayed, and in whatever form will set in motion social chaos and change that will ultimately require some form of martial law in the US. But this will not be what the old Bush crowd or the elite presume.
Texas Flooding
Many are astonished by the Zeta prediction that the interior of the US will be flooded by incessant rains during the hour of the Pole Shift, which when combined with a backwash up the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, due to sloshing in the Gulf, will result in horrific flooding. Texas is flat land, in the main, and has become one big lake in many places due merely to heavy rainfall. Zetas right again! This is not just water on the move, it is also the dangers that come with a flood tide. Sewage joins the fresh rainwater, and water borne diseases like dysentery run rampant. Critters that normally stay in the swamps, like snakes and crocs, can range afar. Bleach or boil your drinking water and stay alert! But remember, both snakes and crocs are good to eat.

100,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Spilling into Surrounding Waters
May 28, 2015
In hard-hit Houston a waste water treatment plant was so inundated with waters from an overflowing nearby bayou that more than 100,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled out into surrounding floodwaters.

Floods in Texas and Oklahoma bringing Surprise Snakes to Homes
May 28, 2015
Wildlife officials have warned that flooding in Texas and Oklahoma is causing snakes, alligators and other reptiles to seek dry land in populated areas.
Venus Looming
The Zetas have recently predicted that the Earth wobble will become destabilized, more erratic, due to the press of Venus and the Dark Twin being squeezed increasingly closer into the cup. They state that the populace has become accustomed to the standard Figure 8 of the wobble, and no longer registers that the sunrise and sunset have the Sun in the wrong place on the horizon. Both Venus and the Dark Twin thus might loom larger in the near future. The Zetas made this prediction in doing an interpretation of crop circles laid in the Netherlands on May 19, in Tennessee on May 21, in Gropiusstadt, Germany on May 18, and in England on May 24. Then an impressive video from S Africa, taken on May 26, 2015, seemed to confirm the Zeta analysis.

ZetaTalk Analysis 5/30/2015: These dual designs, both laid in the Netherlands on the same day, imply an intermittent influence. The orbs are of equal size, as is true of Venus, the Dark Twin, and the Earth. We have explained that these three planets are being pressed together in the Cup in front of the approaching Nibiru. The Dark Twin is slipping behind the Earth to escape this clash, and will eventually escape the cup to move along in their shared orbit. Venus likewise will escape, also close to the time of the Last Weeks, but in the meantime will intermittently clash with the Earth, looming closer.

ZetaTalk Analysis 5/30/2015: The Gropiusstadt, Germany design has an uneven distribution of 5 circles. That there is an uneven distribution is immediately apparent, the dominant message in this design. The Gray, Tennessee design shows an even 3-way distribution of intertwined influences. How is it that 3 are even, but 5 not? It is immediately evident in the Mantondrove design in England that the distribution of the 4 half circles around the outer edge is again distinctly uneven. There are 13 spikes from the center, but the half circles are 3, 3, 3, and then 4 spikes apart. Why the difference?  

At present, the strength of the Earth wobble has caught the attention of all on Earth. This may not be admitted by the authorities, may be a forbidden subject in the media, but the common man has noted one or more symptoms of the wobble and given The Call on this matter, thus learning about the true source of the wobble from alien contact. This is not merely a shoving contest between Nibiru and the Earth, as the Earth is trying to align with the Sun’s magnetic field too – 3 magnetic influences. At present, the Earth maintains her normal posture, which is to align with the Sun, treating the Nibiru interference as temporary during the daily wobble.

But as the planets caught in the cup – Venus and the Dark Twin – loom closer during the increasing squeeze, other influences will destabilize the structure of the daily wobble. These three equally sized planets in the cup will bounce off one another, pressed together and then repulsed by the gravity Repulsion Force, so the predictable Figure 8 of the wobble becomes erratic and unpredictable from one day to the next. The populace may have become familiar with the Sun rising too far south or north, but now the sunrise will be in an unexpected place. Thus the wobble will be noticed anew, and under discussion.

Right on cue, a video of a Looming Venus appeared. Venus is considered the Morning or Evening Star, a pinpoint of light, so why is this object so huge? In this S African video captured on May 26, 2015, Venus is too large, looming large. But light from a nearby object can create a monster effect, per the Zetas, where light rays shining out into space turn back toward a gravity object such as Earth, thus giving the erroneous impression of a huge size. Monster personas have on occasion been captured of Planet X, aka Nibiru, or its Moon Swirls or the Dark Twin or Venus.

Venus is too close to the Earth in the S African video, per Skymap should not even be above the horizon until close to Noon, thus is being squeezed into the cup and looming closer to the Earth. Where at first glance those seeing this S African video assumed it was Nibiru, it is not in the right place for Nibiru. In the Northern Hemisphere the ecliptic slants from lower left to upper right moving to upper left to lower right by dusk. Thus moving in a clockwise manner during the day swinging from right to left and up. In the Southern Hemisphere the ecliptic is opposite, moving in a counterclockwise manner from left to right and up. This is Venus, looming.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/30/2015: This excellent video capture from S Africa is taken at first glance to be a capture of Nibiru, as it is red in appearance and swings along the Ecliptic with the Sun. But Nibiru is seen at the 11 o’clock position in the Southern Hemisphere and thus would be seen atop the Sun, not well below. This is in fact a Monster Persona of Venus, which appears to be too close to the Sun as it is pressed close to the Earth by being caught in the cup at present. It is swinging from left to right along with the Ecliptic, in the counterclockwise motion appropriate for the Southern Hemisphere. Recent crop circles designs have hinted that a looming Venus or Dark Twin would appear more often, and they have!

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