Saturday, 24 February 2018

Willies Truth Call Friday February 23rd 2018

No Zeros Lopt Off, No 80 20 Split, No BULLSHIT


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i see you and i see your bullshit no zeros lopt off, no 80 20 split,

time for the truth.. and no bull..

well sun gurus have been saying there bs as all way's
time to find the truth there will be no zeros lopt off, no 80 20 split,
stay away for the redemption centers go to teaer one or teaer two banks
as they will be bassel 3 and 4 complete and under the sips system
meaning. you will be safe to bank there, no were els only banks that are
bassel 3 4 complete. as mostly banks are now bassel 3 4 complete. go
there after the rv announcement do not give your currency to anyone els
are you may loos it.

now. are you thinking about going to redemption centers..

there is yes 12 districs or as redemption centers for the 800 numbers
lol. and you no who as 12 districs banks or so call redemption centers
were the 800 numbers are for, yes the fed.. so stay away i hope your
getting this you need go to teaer one or teaer two banks only.. so yes
some gurus, are not working for you or with you but a genst you. and not
in your fayver. thay will try enything, to part you from your
currencys.. now remember this is one of your test so do the right thing.
ho yes if you have a trust its set you up to pay fedral tax. on all you
put in it this is not good. you will need a new trust after the rv
announcement yes the teaer one and tear two banks will set up your
common law. trust and you will be on the right side of the road on your
way to a wunderfull life so do the right thing

dont help the
ones who wood work a genst you just stay way from the ones saying, there
is 80 20 split. and 6 zerows being lopt off zim,there working for the
man and they will take the 80% if not all. as you hand it over you give
them full control of your currencys and you will not get it back and
there will be no proof you given it to them as there no phones no
cameras. do you no who is in control of you in a fed. run redemption
centers.. whell its not you stay away.. and you no how hard it is to get
money out of any banks under this system...

you no who the man is ???

were not wating for iraqi or any other Cuntrie this is put out by the bullshiters.. who are playing with you
you from you path, so stop lisning to the bullshit stop giveing them
ass hoals.. your hard earnd money unsubscribe, do not donate to them
stay away from them ignore them. keep away from them.
do you no what
a, false prophet. is ?? some one who gives you false information, and
bulls it up to be the truth. you not that gul a bull any moor, your now
in full control of your destornie, not them, so are you awaking now..

lets look for the truth by looking for it your self
this as nothing to do with any Countries.
but it has to do with Corporations and banksters & the cobal, that are controlling everything..
so. once its safe inuf, you will here rv announcement.
tv's radios. the internet, so make sure you hear the rv announcement
before. you do enething.. only then will it be safe for you.

the rv announcement, will only go when it's safe enuf, for all of us. with currencys, and not before.
we all go together or no one. goes,
no ones been paid out, this was moor bullshit, by sum of the gurus. yes
false prophets. they full your heads with false info billd you up and
yes they let you fall down agane and agane.
well enuf is enuf i will not take it no moor.

and remember there will be lots of false prophets. as it was talld at the end times there will be lots of false prophets.
to leed my peapel astray and so you now have a chans to redeem your
self and get back on the right side of the road that leeds you to the
promised lands. = wonderful life, of a bundents, and wealth, love, for
all. and above all look for the truth..

so now you know are you awake i hope you are. be safe, think about all this i have said...

the truth one who cares for you

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 24, 2018

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