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Galactic Federation of Light OCTOBER 30 2012 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel October 29, 2012.

Archangel Michael October 30, 2012. channelled: Ron Head

Kris Won, October 29, 2012. Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled message from Lady Mercedes of the violet Ray 30 october 2012.

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ This is the time of awakening

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Abundance is certain

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Evil is an excuse for lack of alignment

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ You are all Politicians

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Old beliefs are like old clothes

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ 7 seconds of focus on a belief activates it

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Galactic Federation of Light OCTOBER 29 2012 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson


Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ The Rabbit has been to our seminars, and still beli...

Lady Maria October 28, 2012. channelled: Isabel Henn

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ How responsible must we be for people in need

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Talking, Chatting, Blogging

In Response To: Benjamin Fulford Blurb: Bush The Boogey Man Plays The HAARP as Halloween Approaches

The following message came from the gnostic illuminati who warned us of a terror attack before 311. They have also issued many false alarms but we still think this message should be taken seriously.
oh boy. the text below just came in an hour ago.
they send it to me and no one else, then i report it.
no one listens, then it happens, then they blame me.
anyway, its been interesting man, i have to confess it.
but i will do one more thing and get out of here for good.
say thanks to the hikaruland people, they were very nice.
too bad we never got to play the chess game. all the best.

The final attempt to reason with the Satanic Cabal has failed.
A Pre-Emptive Strike has now become Inevitable & Imminent.
Our Primary Target is American Forces Yokota Air Force Base.

Although it is impossible to predict with 100% Exactitude the Effects
of ANY NUCLEAR Detonation, our experts assure us of the Following :

The Device is 5000 Kilotons and has been strategically positioned deep
underground and at a crucial juncture of the Ancient Subterranean Canal
System in the Long Forgotten Land of Lemuria, which lives on to this day.

We expect minimal ( if any ) Nuclear Fallout, a Tsunami is NOT Anticipated.
Our Main Objective is to Manifest a Sink-Hole in the Western " Tama " Area.
From the Tama Gawa in the South/SW to the Seibu Dome in the North/NE.

The " Evil " Entity Residing on Land illegally Occupied by the U.S. Forces
of Yokota Air Base …. Will Be Consigned to the Hell from which it came.

We hope to avoid Civilian Casualties and URGE ALL Tokyo Residents living
West of Tachikawa to Evacuate Immediately. What we cannot predict is the
exact size of the subsequent earthquake which will shake the entire "Kanto"
Plain, but it would not be surprising if it exceeded 10+ on the Richter Scale.

We Undertake this Action in the name of the PEOPLE .… Against Tyranny.
There is always risk when it comes to excising a cancer, it cant be helped.
But I confidently say that History Will judge us as " Liberators of Humanity."

Benjamin Fulford Blurb: Bush The Boogey Man Plays The HAARP as Halloween Approaches

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis


High level pentagon sources contacted the White Dragon Society this week to warn that the massive storm hitting the US North-East this week was a HAARP attack by the Nazi faction of the Western oligarchy. At the same time, the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu has been spotted off the coast of Aichi, Prefecture near the Nagoya headquarters of Toyota Motors. Nazi representative Richard Armitage and US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian affairs are in Tokyo now warning a massive new earthquake attack on Japan will take place as soon as they leave, unless they get their way, according to Japanese security police affiliated with the WDS.
Lord James Sassoon has also been making astronomical bribe offers to a variety of Japanese politicians, right wing power brokers and gangsters as he tries to keep the Sassoon Asian empire afloat.
A top source at the Bank for International Settlements also contacted with WDS with a combination threat/bribe.
A group of young Chinese generals and industrialists too have come forward with offers of heavy support during the past week.
All of these moves are

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Helping others croak

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Bondage = Resistance, Freedom = Alignment

Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Is my action inspired?

Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Michael October 28 2012

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The ZetaTalk Newsletter.Issue 317,October 28, 2012

Audio Track.

Issue 316.

Wobble Crop Circles
Few legitimate crop circles appeared during 2012, in part due to the huge increase in frauds. In this context, the legitimate crop circles stand out like jewels in the rough. The Fabbrico design laid in Italy on June 25, 2012 is also legit and per the Zetas shows how the retrograde orbit of Planet X will cause it to block the Sun at the hour of the passage.  The July 28, 2012 design at Etchilhampton is legit and is depicting the Earth wobble, per the Zetas. The October 14, 2012 Windmill Hill design is likewise legit, and per the Zetas depicts the increasing orbit and rotation clash between Planet X and the Earth. The Serpentine Dance so prevalent in legitimate crop circle designs in the past, has tightened.

Analysis 6/30/2012: Planet X has a retrograde orbit and this design shows this clockwise progression.  Going into the passage, Planet X will grow in size, looming as large as the Moon or the Sun in the sky, while also continuing in its retrograde orbit so it will align in front of the Sun, rather than to the right of the Sun in the view from the Northern Hemisphere as it does today.

Analysis 8/4/2012: The precision of the circles and the design overall, the circular lay inside the circles with a center tuff remaining – all show this to be a legitimate crop circle design. What is its message? This design represents the Earth wobble, which has lately become so noticeable with the Sun rising and setting in the wrong place that the common man is talking about it, even when they have not heard about Nibiru or Planet X or ZetaTalk. The wobble is palpable, to one merely gazing at the design – the flipping back and forth of the globe, with the N Pole being the focus of the push back and forth.

Analysis 10/20/2012: The serpentine dance between Planet X and the Earth, caused by the clash of their magnetic fields and direction of rotation and orbit, has tightened. Planet X has a retrograde orbit and rotation, while the Earth has the opposite. Their magnetic fields clash. The Earth attempts to accommodate this magnetic clash with her daily Figure 8 wobble, but as Planet X comes closer, is losing the battle. Earth wants to align with the Sun, the dominant magnetic influence in the solar system, but is virtually assaulted by Planet X. Eventually, Planet X supplants the Sun’s influence and it is then that the Pole Shift occurs.
String of Pearls
The Council of Worlds is keeping the pressure on the cover-up with signs in the skies. Going into the weekend of October 13, 2012, the visibility of Planet X and its Moon Swirls was seen naked eye as well as with various filters, as this popular Pole Shifttning blog documents. Note the consistency of the orb at the 3 o’clock position, taken by photographers around the world.

By mid-October, a new phenomena appeared – the Moon Swirls of Planet X arranged in a giant String of Pearls. The String of Pearls phenomena is not new, as mentioned on February 14, 2010 in
Issue 172 of this newsletter, and introduced earlier on January 24, 2010 in Issue 169 of this newsletter. But now, rather than being seen strung out at a distance, they appear to be closer to Earth, the tail blown toward Earth. This new phenomena showed up on Alberto’s photos from October 14, 2012 and October 15, 2012 and October 16, 2012 and October 19, 2012 and were confirmed by photos taken from an airplane over Spain.

These are some photos I recently took, 11th October 2012, over the duration of a flight from the UK to Spain, using the internal disk from a floppy drive and my Samsung Galaxy 2. The images were taken over a period of approximately 2 hours from different windows.

Explanation 6/15/1997: Planet X's moons travel like a string of pearls behind the monster traveling planet.

Description 2001: Thus, the moons of Planet X, having assumed a swirl that perpetuates itself, remain in a dance behind Planet X even during its dither point between its two foci. Planet X moves, however slowly, at its dither point, so the swirl is always positioned between Planet X and the foci it is leaving. This swirl, unique to man in any comets or planets it observes, is what caused the ancients to call the passing monster, red in the sky because of its illuminated red dust cloud, a dragon, lashing its tail, the swirl of moons.

These recent photos appear to show a series of Moon Swirls in a lone line, arranging themselves in a long curling tail. Individual moons within a Moon Swirl can likewise be seen. A swirl within a swirl! A close up of Alberto’s October 14, 2012 photos show this clearly. There are the Moon Swirls, strung out in a line, yet within each Moon Swirl, there are individual moons!

Explanation 2/27/2010: The moons of Planet X move in long tube like swirls, which when seen from the side can appear to be a String of Pearls just a line, and when seen from the end funnel light down the tunnel so it appears like a light orb, quite bright. Minor strings can stretch out from a single large Moon too, at angles from one another due to the charged nature of the dust that surrounds these Moon Swirls.

Explanation 6/12/2010: Where there is a String of Pearls this is clearly a Moon Swirl seen from the side. The primary reason for confusion is that most of the visibility is due to the dust cloud, which reflects sunlight. This is true whether the dust is shrouding the corpus, Planet X itself, or a Moon Swirl. Both have drifting debris, the drifting tail so often noted. Both have a blaze of light. Planet X itself has two primary Moon Swirls that flare out on either side, like shoulder pads. This is the source of the Winged Globe shape, and the double helix shape on some photos of Planet X. These Moon Swirls keep apart from each other, though compete to be the closest Moon Swirl to the body of Planet X itself. Fairly equal in mass, they both cling close to the body of Planet X and both refuse to be displaced, thus the wings.
During this same time period Felix Baumgartner too his high altitude fall, above New Mexico on October 14, 2012. Per the Zetas, the uneven light spikes around the Sun, which like the stars normally display in a geometric arrangement, show the Planet X complex. 

Comment 10/20/2012: Felix was far too focused on controlling his fall to Earth at supersonic speeds to be gazing about at the Sun and what light orbs might be around the Sun. This was without a doubt a life or death moment for him, and as such inattention was not the mode. What can be seen of brief glances of the Sun included in video shots shows that the glare from the Sun is not even, as it should be. Light sources show a balanced, geometric arrangement of spikes, either an even glow or a four cornered cross or a hexagon of spikes. Without going into the physics of such displays, what is known to the common man is that these geometric arrangements are even. What is seen during Felix’s fall is irregularities.
Strategic Petroleum Reserves
The massive sinkhole in Bayou Corne has grown since last reported on September 2, 2012 in Issue 309  of this newsletter. An oil slick has developed on the surface, pipes floating to the surface, and nearby residents are sickened by fumes.

Flyover: Crude Oil now Covers Much of Giant Sinkhole
October 13, 2012
Oil and water can be seen flowing from the sinkhole into the adjacent environment.
Gas Pipeline Found Floating in Giant Sinkhole
October 11, 2012
A 25? section of pipeline (from Acadian Gas’ pipeline) floated to the surface on the edge of the pipeline right-of-way. The pipeline was emptied previously which made it become bouyant and since the sinkhole occurred there is no earthen cover to keep the pipeline submerged.
Bayou Corne Odor and Symptom Log Results
October 9, 2012
As the sink hole developed, the Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou community began complaining of odors and associated health impacts.  Analysis of air samples in the Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou area by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality demonstrated that the concentrations of toxic chemicals in the air, including Volatile Organic Compounds such as Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene, were below the Louisiana Ambient Air Standards.  However, though the concentrations of toxic chemicals were  below acceptable standards, health symptoms continue to be experienced and reported by community members.
This is not a simple matter of a single salt dome cavern used as storage, as there are multiple such salt dome caverns along the Gulf used in a similar manner. In fact, the US Strategic Petroleum Reserves have long used salt domes along the Gulf.

Salt Caverns and Their Use for Disposal of Oil Field Wastes
In the United States, salt domes are found in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and in the Gulf of Mexico.
Salt caverns have been used to store various types of hydrocarbons since the 1940s. The types of products that have been stored in these caverns include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane, butane, ethane, ethylene, fuel oil, gasoline, natural gas, and crude oil. The largest underground storage operations in the United States are part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The SPR currently stores about 560 million barrels of crude oil in 62 caverns located at four sites in Louisiana and Texas. Efforts are underway to add another 28 million barrels of crude oil to these sites.
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Storage Sites
Emergency crude oil is stored in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in salt caverns. Created deep within the massive salt deposits that underlie most of the Texas and Louisiana coastline, the caverns offer the best security and are the most affordable means of storage, costing up to 10 times less than aboveground tanks and 20 times less than hard rock mines.  Strategic Reserve oil can be distributed through interstate pipelines to nearly half of the Nation's oil refineries or loaded into ships or barges for transport to other refineries.
The initial decision to store reserved in salt domes was made in the 1940’s, and has been continued as such storage is so much cheaper than alternative methods. In fact, in the years since 2003, when Planet X roared into the inner solar system and began its slow creep past the Sun, salt dome business has been thriving! Spectra Energy is seeking funds for expansion in southeastern Louisiana, Schlumberger in Houston is offering salt cavern drilling services, as is Dome Hawk in Texas.

The Zetas have predicted that Houston will participate during the New Madrid adjustment. If the bridges crossing the Mississippi are to be ripped, the land to the west of the Mississippi dropped, how will the salt dome caverns fare? While awaiting the diagonal pull of the New Madrid adjustment, meanwhile, the N American continent continues to be pulled into a painful bow. Many of these domes may not wait, before they rupture.

Prediction 2/10/2006: This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. The virtual hook of land in the N American continent near the Kamchatka peninsula is solid rock and will not snap off to become a separate land plate, nor would this ease the deadlock along the N American and Eurasian plates even it if did. These massive plates cannot move. The stress on the N American plate will resolve by ripping. The notable area of catastrophe during this is the eastern half of the continental US. From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe for the US that will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial.
Billionaire Solutions
How are billionaires around the world preparing for the pending Pole Shift? Some want to give themselves eternal life, as after all, what’s money worth if it can’t buy that! Others, realizing they can be tracked down to their bunkers after the Pole Shift, refuse to have an address. Hop a plane and disappear, is the plan apparently.

Dmitry Itskov, Russian Billionaire, Plans Immortality Research Center
August 28, 2012
Itskov's 2045 Initiative, which is trying to make immortality a reality, launched its own political party in Russia last week: Evolution 2045. Though Evolution 2045 is based in Russia, it aims to create "a new stage of human civilization" throughout the world. Itskov founded the 2045 Initiative in February 2011. He has brought 30 top Russian scientists on board and plans to create an international research center devoted to study immortality. The 2045 Initiative has outlined a 30-year plan to develop the technology for human beings to transfer their consciousness into "avatars," or robots. Its self-declared ambition is to make the human race "eventually become a new species."
Homeless Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen Chooses To Live Simply
October 3, 2012
Nicolas Berggruen is a homeless billionaire, preferring to live a simple life devoid of possessions that others who make the same amount of money as him have in spades. Berggruen, whose equity firm’s annual revenue is $5 billion, has chosen not to own a home or a car, deciding instead to live from hotel room to hotel room, effectively making him a homeless billionaire. But don’t think that he lives out on the streets or stays in the local Best Western, as he travels around the world in a jet and only stays at five star hotels. The multi-billionaire sold his two homes, one in downtown New York City and the other on a private island near Miami, along with his only car, 12 years ago. Now, the only possessions he has are either in storage, while he just carries his iPhone, a carry on with a few pairs of jeans, a nice suit or two, and a few clean shirts. 
Per the Zetas, the elite will not fare well as a result of the Pole Shift. They will find their militias turning on them, an adult version of Lord of the Flies. They will find themselves amid the ranks of the common man, with their paper money worthless.

Prediction 11/15/2003: Accustomed to being secure due to ownership of goods and the power this brings, the upper class or moneyed class will react with more than shock when their property, whether corporate interests or stocks and bonds or real property, is flushed down the toilet during the increasing changes pummeling the Earth. Clutching jewels and artwork, they will stand and wail.

Prediction 2/8/2003: The elite presume the status quo continuing.  They presume their lackeys being good employees until the end. They presume their funds, their wealth, being worth what it is today until the end. They presume industry plodding along so that supplies will be available until the end, commerce continuing. They presume that repairs in the supply line, in communication lines, will be forthcoming and not permanently, disruptively, devastating. They are wrong on all counts.

This is depicted in the
Finegan Fine story, in the chapter Bear Market.
The former billionaire says, “this is a private resort.” Finegan says, “Finegan Fine here, trader. I come to see what you might need, and what you have in trade.” The two portly men look at each other for a minute, unspoken communications between them. The former billionaire says, “you have food? I'm looking to get the damn phone connected but the batteries are dead.” His partner motions to the quiet generator and says, “and that thing don't work.” Finegan says, “cell phones? You need towers for those, and the towers are down.” The former billionaire says, “oh yeah? How would you know?” Finegan says the obvious. “How long you been trying to raise someone? Phones don't work no more. Short wave is the only thing and that's real spotty.”

The former billionaire and his buddy don't look surprised. The former billionaire reaches into his back pocket, pulling out a checkbook, and slaps it on the bar. “Yeah, well, I can write you a check. Bring the food supplies and gas for the generator in here.” He points to the middle of the floor and proceeds to fill out the check. Finegan says, “paper's no good”. The former billionaire flushes with anger and looks sharply over at Finegan, his voice rising. “Paper? This is backed. This isn't paper, this is solid, negotiable anywhere.” Finegan holds his ground.  “No one deals in paper anymore. It's no good. You gotta barter goods and services.” The former billionaire throws his pen down on the bar in disgust and turns his back. Finally he explodes in anger.  “We need something to eat! Damit. I don't care what it takes, bring some food in here and on the double.”

Finegan says, “Don't you garden or tend sheep or something? Most survivors have to do that to survive. What you been eating?” Finegan is pretending to look around the rec room for evidence of gardening or hunting or fishing. The former billionaire says, “Not that it's any of your business, but our help quit. Ran off and left us.” Finegan motions to the several young women lounging in the corner on over-stuffed chairs, looking blaze. Finegan says, “Doen't take much to seed and weed a garden. They break a leg or something?” The former billionaire is twitching slightly. “We don't garden. The help does that.” The former billionaire is losing his temper again, looking around and up at the ceiling, calling out to the general area as though expecting the resort staff to suddenly appear out of thin air.  “I'm a paid member. Where the hell is the help!”

Finegan says, “so you had a garden but left it? Just because the help ran off? Didn't you treat them right?” The former billionaire is now sounding a bit desperate.  “I paid them well but they wanted more, had a better offer. I'll pay you plenty. You'd be set for life after this all blows over. I'm worth billions. Billions.” Finegan again holds his ground. “I told you, paper's no good. That includes stocks, bonds, cash. So what you gonna do now? How you gonna live?” Finegan says, “too late to start a garden but there's grass and weeds to eat. Fish or set traps if you know how. And you know, rats aren't half bad in the stew pot.” The houseboat is pulling away from the resort shoreline. Up on the hill, in the former golf course, two young women are running after sheep, their hands outstretched, trying to corral a lamb. The sheep of course are way ahead of them, flowing like water up and over the hill.

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Archangel Gabrielle through Isabel Henn October 24, 2012.

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Galactic Federation of Light OCTOBER 18 2012 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

The ZetaTalk Newsletter.Issue 316,October 21, 2012

Audio Track.

Issue 316.

Focus Groups

The announcement was deferred on the weekend of September 15 due to the embassy riots, which ranged from the Netherlands to Sydney. As detailed in Issue 313 the announcement was also delayed repeatedly on the next weekend of September 22 as Heads of State, alerted during the week that an announcement had been planned, began calling in with requested changes until it was too late, running into Sunday afternoon with the markets again opening for the week. As detailed in Issue 314 the announcement was attempted on the last weekend of the month, September 30, via the Emergency Alert System, which was then discovered sabotaged at so many points that it again ran into Sunday afternoon when the markets were due to open for the week. As detailed in Issue 315 the announcement was again pressed forward, this time for the weekend of October 6, avoiding the Emergency Alert System but instead using the Oval Office Address route. This route likewise met sabotage and legal challenges until the attempts found themselves at Sunday afternoon, with the markets about to open.  By the following weekend of October 13, the blocks to an Oval Office Address had been effectively rooted out, but the Romney bounce from the first Presidential debate now had the Obama campaign frantic. Could they risk losing the election, with scant time to recover from any adverse reaction? As a last check, focus groups were assembled and tested, settling the issue. No announcement would be made until after the election.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/14/2012: During the week going into the second weekend in October, the Obama campaign could not contain their anxiety about what the announcement might do to Obama’s chances. There seemed not enough time to counter any trend or backlash. It would clearly be seen as an October surprise, even if backed up by NASA facts. There would be that lingering suspicion that it was all made up, to trip the election in Obama’s favor. Romney’s bounce after the first debate lasted for at least a week, just now turning around to favor Obama again. Would they achieve the announcement but lose the election? How would that benefit the world? These were the arguments in heated debates within the administration.

It was decided to hold focus groups, who were given a “theoretical” situation, posed as fiction, of what an October surprise that looked suspect might do to their voting preferences. First the focus group was polled as to their preferences. Then they were presented with an actor posing as Obama, relaying the actual words Obama planned to use in his Oval Office Address. Then the focus groups received a brief lecture, a film from a NASA spokesperson. At no time were they told this was the truth. Then they were polled again as to voting preferences and a significant number suspected it was all a hoax. It seemed so unbelievable! If this were the truth, why is this the first they heard about it?

This puts the announcement on hold until after the election. Just what the Council of Worlds decides to do, in the meantime, is unknown at this time. They have declared war on the cover-up, but cannot fault Obama for trying. He struggled for a month during sabotage by professional cover-up artists. Disasters within the US, which Obama addresses well and with compassion, would not hurt Obama’s chances, and in fact would likely enhance them. Thus the S American roll with some sinking of Caribbean islands, extreme N American bow tension and early New Madrid quakes might occur, as all of this is well behind schedule. Signs in the skies are beginning to be seen without filters, worldwide, and this trend is likely to increase so the Earth changes are connected to this presence.

Disbelief indeed can be expected among those who have held the belief that the government would tell them if a threat were approaching. Per the Zetas, denial will be rampant even when the passage is obvious and Planet X visible in the sky for all to see. The range of reactions will be broad.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/13/2004:  Governments will get reclusive, be less available to the public, not respond to phone calls or demands for briefings except in a limited manner, and in general try to avoid the hard questions. As disasters happen, those arms of the government or volunteer units tasked with responding will rise to the occasion, tents erected, meals served, and the message that it is important for each and every citizen to do some planning on their own. In that most families live from paycheck to paycheck, and have nowhere but home to go, the public will continue to report to work and children kept in school. The familiar comforts, routine keeps the mind off worry, and until a crisis hits home and moving is imperative, moves will not be made.

We have predicted that many will party into the pole shift, choosing to ignore danger as they have made a decision to die in comfort rather than adjust to a harsh new life without toys. Others, ill or aged, will made similar decisions out of realism, knowing they will be unlikely to do well when displaced, or not wanting to be a burden on others. But those who have determined to survive, taking their loved ones and others into a new life, can plan. Discussions and shopping trips, arrangements to send the wife and children to the farm well ahead of any crisis, plans and alternate plans and what to do if separated with the phone lines dead. All to the good, as all can make their peace with what is coming, all have an opportunity to say their good byes in loving times, and the best possible outcome for all will thus result.

One predictable reaction is for the paid debunkers, and those who shrilled against the truth out of fear, to disappear when the announcement is made. If Heads of State canceled their trips around the world on the weekend of September 22, anticipating the announcement that weekend, one debunker who attacked the ZetaTalk message with gusto, denying the existence of Planet X, is on the run, quickly slipping from the scene.

It's Not Worth the Death Threats
09/27/2012 by Dr. Astro, Unofficial official GLP "astromoner"
Yesterday I learned that death threats were being made against me on Flickr by a new user who registered under the screen name "astromutmustdie." I've decided that enough is enough. As much as I have enjoyed being here, as much as I have enjoyed debunking astronomical nonsense, and as much as I have appreciated the friends I've found here, it's not worth the death threats, especially when people I call friends are getting hit by it too.
Costa Rica Plate Shift
Earthquakes along fault lines or plate borders routinely affect one or more plates, but seldom reach out beyond the immediate plates affected. But the 7.9 (quickly downgraded) striking Costa Rica September 5, 2012 registered changes in the plate position from Australia in the west to the Atlantic in the east. Aftershocks rattled the region for days. The quake occurred at the point where the S American roll forces the Caribbean Plate over the Cocos Plate and the tiny Panama platelet touches. A three-way crunch for that point, thus.

13-SEP-2012 05:46:13 4.1 GUATEMALA
13-SEP-2012 00:22:32 4.7 NEAR COAST OF VENEZUELA
12-SEP-2012 06:29:35 4.8 OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA
12-SEP-2012 04:10:52 4.4 OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA
12-SEP-2012 02:13:03 4.6 COSTA RICA
11-SEP-2012 19:24:59 4.9 SOUTH OF PANAMA
10-SEP-2012 22:03:31 4.3 MONA PASSAGE
09-SEP-2012 21:37:36 4.3 COSTA RICA
08-SEP-2012 20:29:32 5.6 COSTA RICA
08-SEP-2012 12:01:10 4.3 COSTA RICA
08-SEP-2012 09:50:22 4.5 COSTA RICA
07-SEP-2012 07:52:13 4.3 NORTHERN COLOMBIA
07-SEP-2012 05:46:17 4.3 OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA
07-SEP-2012 03:26:24 4.4 OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA
07-SEP-2012 01:21:27 4.5 COSTA RICA
06-SEP-2012 09:07:44 4.9 NICARAGUA
06-SEP-2012 04:44:17 4.1 COSTA RICA
06-SEP-2012 04:40:36 4.1 COSTA RICA
05-SEP-2012 22:46:34 4.6 COSTA RICA
05-SEP-2012 22:11:25 4.5 COSTA RICA
05-SEP-2012 22:07:56 4.0 NEAR COAST OF GUATEMALA
05-SEP-2012 15:58:41 4.4 OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA
05-SEP-2012 15:12:39 4.5 COSTA RICA
05-SEP-2012 14:42:08 7.6 COSTA RICA
Buoys reflected the widespread plate movement from the eastern side of the Indio-Australia Plate off the coast of Australia all the way through the Caribbean Plate and up along the East Coast of the US, and even up along the West Coast to Alaska! Thus the N American Plate and the Pacific Plate were involved in plate adjustments as well as the Caribbean and the Cocos plates!

The continuous pressure of the S American roll also caused the Fuego volcano in Guatemala to violently erupt on September 14, 2012. This point in Guatemala also lies on the edge of the Caribbean Plate where it is being pushed over the Cocos Plate. Per the Zeta, Central America is most definitely in harm’s way during the 7 of 10 plate adjustments. 

ZetaTalk Warning 12/11/2010: Where have we failed? We have used words like fractured, crumbled, crunched, experiencing great trauma, dragged along, or ground up. In addition to what will happen to the land mass, we have mentioned exploding volcanoes very near at hand, and water rushing completely over such lowlands as the Yucatan and Panama. How have we failed to relay what is coming? If total destruction does not occur during the 7 of 10, it will during the hour of the pole shift if not before that time. We have described the 7 of 10 as moving the top of S American Plate 250 miles to the west. Not all this movement involves S America, due to adjustments elsewhere, but nevertheless Panama and Costa Rica will be crushed during the 7 of 10 by the grinding movement of the hump as the great S American Plate grinds over it.
South Sea Worries
Beyond the worries of rising seas washing over low-lying islands, there is the worry of atolls used for atomic bomb testing spewing their poisons into the oceans. Murorua, an atoll at the end of the Society Islands, was used extensively by the French for such testing in the past, which has come back to haunt them.

Nuclear Fears over French Polynesia Atoll Collapse
August 10, 2012
The issue was detailed in a leaked report from the Ministry of Defense to the French government dated March 2010. Radioactive material could be released into the Pacific Ocean if the atoll were to collapse. France has done altogether 193 nuclear test explosions in Murorua.
ZetaTalk Comment 8/25/2012: Murorua is at the end of the Society Island chain, which is at a point where three different Pacific plates touch. Thus shifting ground is inevitable, and has only begun to be evident. Will this send radioactive soil into the sea, to be washed about? Absolutely. After all the tests done primarily by the French, it was expected that the atoll would hold radioactive material until it degraded. Surprise! These tests were done prior to the discovery in 1983, via the IRAS balloon, that Planet X indeed existed and was in the neighborhood! The radioactive dust will dissipate, though beaches may retain a portion in places. Just as the Hawaiian Islands will rise during the compression of the Pacific, the Society Islands will likewise rise, slightly more radioactive, but still livable.

Then there are the drowning islands, as the Pacific plates compress. What to do about drowning residents? The residents of the South Sea island of Rarotonga have New Zealand citizenship, and can look forward to a swift rescue when the waves finally wash over their former homeland. Others will not be as lucky.

Cook Islands Prepare for Hillary Clinton Visit
August 17, 2012
The South Pacific island chain, home to just 10,000 people, is buzzing as it prepares for the expected visit of the US secretary of state. Clinton is expected to attend the Pacific Islands Forum, an annual meeting of Pacific leaders that begins Aug. 27 on the main island of Rarotonga.
ZetaTalk Comment 8/25/2012:  The Cook islands are in an unfortunate position as they ride on a portion of the Pacific plates that will slide under the Indo-Australian Plate as the Pacific compresses. The Tonga Trench is the point of sheer. We have stated that the islands of New Zealand will not tear apart during the plate movements, as both the North and South islands cling to the Indo-Australian plate, despite any fault lines that might lead one to think differently. The islands of the South Pacific that share the Indo-Australian advantage, such as West Samoa, can expect a major boost in elevation during the Pole Shift, but the Cook Islands are not among them. Since the Cook Islands belong to New Zealand, the residents there can expect rescue from New Zealand, and this is under discussion with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. New Zealand has asked for US assistance, logistically, should an emergency evacuation be required. US ships may be positioned closer to the Cook Islands, which at first glance might seem to be a push-back against China aggression and an alliance with New Zealand, but due to the continuing cover-up over the expected impact of the plate movements we have predicted, the real reason for any such presence is being denied.
Bores and Bears
What do they have in common? They both have been known to eat people and they both can be eaten by people. Wild pigs can be vicious and as the movies have shown us, will eat people are readily as truffles. Bears likewise are omnivores, and maneaters will emerge in the Aftertime. Per the Zetas, it will be man against bear in Alaska until the winner is established. The Zetas have predicted that wildlife will be hunted almost to extinction near population centers after the Pole Shift.

ZetaTalk  Alaska: Beware the bears, who will have their habitat invaded. Alaska after the shift will be a war between man and bear, with one eating the other.

Grizzly Bear Kills Backpacker in Alaska's Denali National Park
August 25, 2012
A lone backpacker was killed in a grizzly bear attack while hiking in Alaska's Denali National Park.
Deer Hunter Kills Hogzilla
October 19, 2011
Early last week Winston Brown took his crossbow and climbed up into a tree stand near Rush Springs in hope of harvesting his first deer of the season. Instead he came home with 760 pounds of wild hog. It took three arrows from Brown’s crossbow to kill the beast, which is perhaps the largest feral swine ever killed in Oklahoma.
Man Eaten by Hogs at Oregon Farm
October 1, 2012
An Oregon man trying to feed his 700-pound hogs was eaten by the animals, and sheriff's deputies are trying to determine what led up to his death.
Led by Children
Seeing beyond traditional solutions will be required, something children excel at. The Zetas have predicted than in many cases survival communities will be led by children, though they may not recognize this when it occurs.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/2002: Survival groups, stunned by what has happened and in despair over being abandoned and lied to by their governments, in shock over the adjustments to their prior lifestyle and depressed over the adjustments that must be made, will be led by children, who will see resources and avenues not apparent to their parents and caretakers. They will find each other, and communicate, and create bonds between groups that the adults would not think possible. They will be the visionaries of the future, among human survival groups, to a degree that would stun their parents now. Children have ways of influencing their elders which the elders scarcely take note of, but an analysis of the process shows that the child is leading.

A Finegan Fine chapter called New Leaders weaves together this concept of being led by children along with the suggestion that pig farms might need to be re-established after the Pole Shift from wild pig stock.

The wagon master is a young girl about 11 years of age. She is barefoot, wears bib jeans with a t-shirt underneath, and has her hair in braids on either side. She secures the reins and hops off the wagon seat, pulling a board nailed onto a stake from the wagon bed. On the board, in red paint, are the words "Wild Piglets". She walks over to a clear area near the barbeque pit, reserved for her display, and hammers the stake into the ground there, tossing the hammer into her wagon. One of her two men picks up a covered bucket of barbeque sauce from the wagon bed and returns to baste the now roasting pig. The other comes to help the girl unload the piglets in cages. The piglets are young, only about a foot long, and protesting, squealing. After they offload the piglet cages, she immediately turns on her heel and comes over to the shoeman, who says, “Howdy Matilda.” Matilda says, “They ate another pair.” The shoeman smiles and says, “You gotta stop kicking at them beasts.”

Matilda comes up to a woman who looks like she is about to cry, talking to a man getting red in the face. The woman says, “But you owe me a hen. You promised. We ain't had meat ta home for a month.” The man is fuming. “They're all sitting eggs, I tell you. Cain't you wait a couple weeks?” Matilda is looking from one to the other, saying nothing. Finally, she sees a break in the argument and says to the woman, “How big did you say that old coop you got on your place is?” The man and woman stare at each other for a moment, suddenly realizing a solution. Both talking at once almost on top of each other. He says, “You got a coop? I'm outta space and with the new'uns coming. Ya know, chicks take to a new coop like its home after a day er so. They free range, just let 'em out in the morning and call 'em back at night.” She says, “Big as the house, but the hen's er all gone now since Earl passed. He did the chickens en all. We got no feed, used corn during Earl's day.” Matilda is walking away, smiling to herself. Finegan is again standing in amazement that a young girl is apparently in the running in a campaign, and taken seriously. He says, under his breath, “But she's a girl!”

A tall, muscular man is standing on the wagon addressing the crowd. He is wearing suit pants and a vest, with a long sleeved white shirt on under the vest, rolled up at the sleeves. He is wearing a tie, but this has been loosened at the neck, his shirt collar open a bit as the day has gotten warm. He is showing a 5 o'clock shadow. From a distance one can hear his pitch.  “Build roads” The crowd seems lukewarm, only a half dozen furiously applauding. The first candidate nods and takes a slight bow, and then steps off the wagon. The second candidate is a stocky woman in a voluminous dress. Her hair has been piled on top of her head and she is bedecked with costume jewelry. Rings are stuffed over her plump fingers. She is helped up onto the wagon by a couple backers who stand under her ample buttocks as she heaves herself up the step. She straightens up and clears her throat. “The rule of law must be our first concern. There are simply no guidelines. I've taken the initiative of drawing up statutes that give clear guidelines.”

Finegan is still trying to get his head around the idea that a little girl could be in the competition. “Her father ran a pig farm, and they all escaped when the troubles hit. Ran off into the swamp.  Well they go wild after a time. But she got 'em back, is breeding 'em tame again.  OK, so she's got guts, I'll give her that”. Finegan is shaking his head, muttering to himself.  “I watched her. It's not what she says. It's what she gets other people to do. I dunno. I dunno, but they're fretting and fussing. Then comes Matilda. Then when she leaves they're set to go off to do somethin. But I never hear her tell them what to do. She points to this or that one and asks a question. That's it.  Huh.” Now Matilda is jumping up on the wagon, to thunderous applause. “Clem says I'm the jell in the jello, and my dad always said I brung his mind to a focus, but to my way of thinking it ain't me. It's you. It's you come up with what to do, and it's you who do it. But we rounded up the pigs now and I've got more time. If this is what you want me to do, then I'm happy to help.” With that, Matilda hops off the wagon and continues to work the crowd on the edge of the seating area. Finegan is still dumbfounded. “Huh.

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