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A Global Deception Conspiracy UFO Disclosure

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Billy Hayes Interview 1/3

Billy Hayes Interview 2/3

Billy Hayes Interview 3/3

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Abraham Hicks ~ Controlling your thoughts

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Abraham Hicks ~ Controlling your thoughts

The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi

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Abraham Hicks ~ Law of Attraction manifests both wanted and unwanted

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Best UFO Sightings of 2013 (Full Screen Strongly Suggested)

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Silver: A Medical Cure-All (including lycans and vampires) Colloidal Silver

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Anonymous: Operation Last Resort

The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 330, January 27, 2013

Audio Track.

Issue 330.

Eclipsed Moon Swirl
In yet another dramatic and beautiful proof that the Moon Swirls of Planet X exist are these recent captures. Moon Swirls, long tubes that can funnel and focus sunlight toward the Earth, are seen around the Sun so frequently and without the need for any filters. The first photo was taken in Moldova, showing the Moon Swirl eclipsed somewhat by clouds. A tailing string of Moon Swirl orbs can be seen dropping down below the Sun at about the 7 o’clock position, with others clustered under the Sun at the 4 o’clock position – visible even behind the clouds.  Moon Swirl orbs rival the light from the Sun, as it is focused sunlight. The photo of a recent sunset in Encino CA shows a Moon Swirl at the 3 o’clock position. This same Moon Swirl at about the 3 o’clock position shows up on virtually the same day that a Moon Swirl was eclipsed by the Moon at this same 3 o’clock position to the Sun on January 11, 2013. Signs in the skies indeed!

Pictures were taken 2013 January 06, approx 11-41 am. Location: Moldova (Transnistria), Tighina (Bender).  Camera is pointed: almost directly on the south (a tiny bit eastish). That is the sun is almost right on the south. No windows, no glases, no filters. Just on open air. A small bright object on approx 7-8 o'clock is definitely not a lens flare. Camera: iPad (Asus EEE) 5 Mpix. Best wishes, Konstantin
Asteroid Watch
Last covered in this newsletter on March 25, 2012 in Issue 286, asteroids slinging past, close to Earth, are once again a hot topic. In November, 2011 asteroid YU55 came within 220,000 miles of Earth, within the orbit of the Moon. Then in June, 2012 asteroid LZ1 came within 14 lunar distances of Earth. On January 8, 2013 asteroid Apophis came within 9,000,000 miles of the Earth, close enough for inspection. In the year 2029 Apophis is expected to sling by within 18,600 miles of Earth. On February 15, 2013 asteroid DA14 is expected to pass within 21,000 miles of Earth, closer than some of our satellites, and return in 2020 for another close pass.

Huge Asteroid Flies by Earth Today: How to Watch Online
June 15, 2012
The near-Earth asteroid 2012 LZ1, which astronomers think is about 1,650 feet (500 meters) wide, will come within 14 lunar distances of Earth. 2012 LZ1 is roughly the same size as asteroid 2005 YU55, which made a much-anticipated flyby of Earth last November. But 2005 YU55 gave our planet a much closer shave, coming within 202,000 miles (325,000 km) of us on the evening of November 8. A space rock as big as 2005 YU55 hadn't come so close to Earth since 1976, researchers said.
Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Sweep Close on February 15, 2013
January 7, 2013
A near-Earth asteroid – called 2012 DA14 by astronomers – will pass very close to Earth on February 15, 2013. Astronomers estimate that, when it’s closest to us, it’ll be within the orbit of the moon (which is about 240,000 miles away), and within the orbits of geosynchronous satellites (about 26,000 miles up). 2012 DA14 will be about 21,000 miles (35,000 kilometers) away.
Rogue Asteroid is 20 Percent Bigger than Previously Thought
January 9, 2013
Named after the god of evil and darkness in Egyptian mythology, Apophis sparked a scare when it was first detected in 2004. A distance of 35,000 kilometres (22,500 miles), meaning it will flit past inside the orbit of geostationary satellites, is the latest estimate for 2029, ESA said.
Massive Asteroid will have Close Brush with Earth; Odds of Impact to be Recalculated
January 8, 2013
In 2029, Apophis is expected to make an extremely close pass to Earth, brushing past the Earth at a distance of just 30,000 kilometers (18,600 miles) – well within the orbit of communication satellites. While astronomers have ruled out the potential of impact, there is still a small chance of an impact in 2036; the principal source of uncertainty is the acceleration due to the Yarkovsky effect, a non-gravitational effect that is a function of the asteroid’s rotation period, pole direction, thermal properties, mass, shape, and dimensions.
Does it seem there is an increase in such Near Earth Asteroids lately? Per the Zetas, this is due to the near proximity of Planet X, which collects trash in its tail as it sweeps through the solar system, and wafts that tail ever closer to the Earth as it prepares for the passage.

Explanation 2001: There is a great deal of trash that trails behind Planet X, caught in its gravity field. Several moons, and lesser objects such as boulders and dust. There are likewise asteroids from the Asteroid Belt which attach during a passage, but can be torn away when a passage close to another gravitational object occurs. These minor objects assume new orbits, in many cases around more than one planet if they are in close proximity to each other at the time, and finally to become disconnected or to assume what is termed a Near Earth Orbit object. How do you suppose they got into those orbits in the first place?

Earth scientists concerned about the potential of impact engaged the Zetas in debate on the
sci.astro Usenet between 1997 and 2003, presenting various theories about how to deflect such Earth-bound missiles. Reagan’s Star Wars vision, ostensibly for missile defense, was promoted for just such a defense. Note the continuous emphasis on being prepared by the year 2003 in this 1996 bill proposed by Bob Dole. 2003 was the year Planet X zoomed into the inner solar system, a Zeta prediction that proved to be 100% on target. A Zeta prediction that was taken seriously in 1996, the year after the ZetaTalk saga was born in the public eye. Such was the gravitas carried by the Zeta predictions among those in the know, members of MJ12 who were acquainted with the Service-to-Other Zetas.

Defend America Act of 1996 - Motion to Proceed
Congressional Record, June - 4, 1996
[Page: S5716] Often forgotten in the debate on the national missile defense is the question of whether technology is sufficiently mature enough to mandate the year 2003 as the deployment date. … Not only will we be limiting the testing and evaluation of the system in a push to field a system at an earlier and unnecessary date, we will be locking ourselves into certain technologies which may become obsolete by the year 2003.
[Page: S5717] One of the most wasteful items (in the House defense budget) is the $4 billion earmarked to construct a missile defense system by 2003. … Quote from Democratic Reform News. The bill would order work to start on an anti-missile system (much less grandiose than the trillion-dollar Star Wars "invisible shield" President Reagan favored) that could theoretically shoot down an intercontinental missile or two launched at our territory by a small rogue country like Libya, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, or for that matter Denmark (hey, you never know) by the year 2003.
ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1996: Does mankind now have the means to deflect such large, rapidly moving objects? Such a deflection would require a precisely placed explosive device of sufficient strength to vaporize the asteroid. Disintegration would be required because deflection is not possible in space. A nuclear explosion set off on the surface of an object in space would have minimal effect, as the explosion can expand in all directions at once. Nuclear explosions on the Earth's surface are an irresistible force meeting an immovable object - the Earth! Where the explosion can expand up or outward into the atmosphere there is only air turbulence. The portion of the explosion that is on the land side, or in the case of an underground explosion is encapsulated, is between a rock and a hot expanding place. The explosion is forced into the rock strata by the continuously expanding center of the explosion. Solid rock vaporized by nuclear explosions on the Earth's surface does not equate to the damage that would be done by one or even many nuclear devices on the surface of an asteroid. All parts of the explosion move rapidly out into space, and thus the asteroid is safely away before the nuke really gets going. A firecracker. A gnat. A sneeze. And the asteroid proceeds on its way, having only momentarily stepped aside to avoid mankind's silly experiment.

Per the Zetas, though man does not have it within his capacity to deflect asteroids, the Council of Worlds is not about to let the Earth be destroyed by a mere asteroid. They have plans for the Earth.

Reassurance 4/15/2006:  We have stated before when questions of Near Earth Orbit asteroids came up that the Council of Worlds has granted an exception, a waver in interfering with anything that would devastate the earth, snuff out life on earth, or start any kind of a chain reaction that would preclude life from continuing on earth. This includes large asteroids. Should something just drop into the ocean and cause high tides this is not the case. Should something drop on Earth, and open up a super volcano that would be the case. So we are telling you no such impact will happen on Earth that would cause an extinction level event, as it's often called.
Weather Extremes
Highs and lows, side by side in a region. As with the temperature extremes in Siberia and Europe, noted in Issue 328 of this newsletter on January 13, 2013, where extreme highs in Europe were side by side with extreme cold in Siberia. Of course this is the daily Earth wobble causing all of this. Now we have heat records in Australia being broken while India and Bangladesh suffers under extreme and record breaking cold. How far apart are these two regions? Are they not literally at the same distance from the Equator, and virtual neighbors?

Australia Swelters Through Hottest Ever Day
January 9, 2013
The hot weather that has fuelled fires in southern Australia has also delivered the nation its hottest day since records began a century ago. In records going way back to the start of 1911  - with an average temperature of 40.33 - is Australia's new hottest day on record. The previous all-time high was in 1972.
All Schools Closed as Severe Cold Wave Grips State (India)
January 08, 2013
At least 26 persons have died in the state over the last two days due to the bone-chilling cold conditions with statewide maximum temperatures dipping about 9-14 degrees Celsius below normal.
Record Cold Kills 80 in Bangladesh
January 10, 2013
A cold snap which saw temperatures drop on Thursday to their lowest point in Bangladesh's post-independence history has killed around 80 people.
That the wobble is affecting the weather can be seen in the sand storm that suddenly arose and blew out to sea near Onslow, Australia. As the Zetas note, there are several clues that this was wobble induced.

Dust Storm Towers over West Australian Ocean
January 11, 2013
The thunderstorm, unrelated to Tropical Cyclone Narelle, which is due to make landfall later today, appeared at sunset on Wednesday evening off the coast of Onslow, in the Pilbara region in WA's northwest. The storm was casually building in the distance, then it got faster and faster and it went from glass to about 40 knots in two minutes.  
ZetaTalk Comment 1/12/2013: One clue that the wobble is involved is the sudden change in wind speed, from dead calm to gusty. Another clue is the direction of wind. If normally coming in from the ocean at sunset, then it is not normal for the winds to blow outward from land. During the day, the land heats up, thus reducing the air pressure so that winds come from the ocean, rather than the other way around. A third clue is that sand storm do not carry out over the ocean, due to the extra humidity picked up by the winds over the oceans so that rain results, clearing the air of the dust particles. Where the public is not getting an explanation as yet from any source other than ZetaTalk, they are noticing, and becoming uneasy.

Weather extremes have simultaneously struck the continental US, with the East Coast experiencing record breaking heat while California is experiencing the opposite. Once again, at the same latitude, in the same region, yet the extremes are in opposite directions. Europe and Siberia, Australia and India, East Coast and West Coast – these weather extremes are a sign of the times.

Record Warmth: Spring from January?
January 11, 2013
Yes, your calendar may say "January", but the pattern shaping up for these areas may give you spring fever. Specifically, a ridge of high pressure aloft centered from the Florida Peninsula to the Bahamas and southwest Atlantic Ocean will bow northward, bumping the polar jet stream into eastern Canada, keeping cold air bottled up in the West and Plains states through the weekend.  Daily record highs will fall by the wayside through the weekend in the South and East.  International Falls, Minn. reached 48 degrees, beating its previous record high for the day by seven degrees.
Golden to Frozen, California Faces Epic Cold Snap
January 11, 2013
California was going from cold to colder Friday as a chill expected to bring the biggest mercury dips in years descended on much of the state. Forecasters warned that a low pressure trough sinking over San Diego County and parts of neighboring Orange County could keep nightly temperatures below the freezing point in coastal areas.
East, Midwest: Wealth of Warmth, Then Arctic Outbreaks
January 11, 2013
Record-challenging highs are forecast with temperatures reaching the 60s over a broad area of the Ohio Valley and the interior mid-Atlantic with 70 degrees within reach in a couple of locations. While near- and below-zero air aims for the northern Plains.
The Annunaki will not be returning to Earth, though this is a matter under speculation by many. They were our slave masters in the not that distant past, chased off the Earth by the Council of Worlds who deemed their influence on mankind too repressive. The school house for spiritual growth was unbalanced, as the Annunaki were seen as giants, and were giving early man a sense of hopelessness. A quarantine is in place, separating mankind from their former slave masters. Even though Nibiru is passing through the solar system, there will be no interaction between the Annunaki and Earthlings.

Description 2/15/2002: The quarantine was put into place some thousands of years ago, but close enough in your recent past that contact with these alien life forms remains in your legends.  They have no plans, despite fear mongering among those claiming to be in contact with these folks, to return to Earth, which they consider a swamp. The Earth in their memory is full of carnivors, rebelling slaves, and accidents related to wild weather. Now that mankind has technology, a fact that cannot be denied due to probes sent about and requiring their mining operation on Mars to shoot them down when they come too close, they are even less inclinded to visit. They were on top before, but do not anticipate wining a war on Earth today due to numbers.  In addition, what would the gain be? Do you live in a swamp when you can live in a palace on the hilltop? This was not a vacation resort for them, but going into the field on a mission, not the chosen one either. The inhabitants are interested, during this passage, in collecting the gold mined since the past passage.

The Annunaki built the Great Pyramids, estimated to be 3,800 years old, as navigational devices prior to the last Pole Shift.  They were on Earth up until that time. Traces of the Annunaki on Earth are the Great Pyramids, the heads of Easter Island, landing glyphs found in Peru and Tibet, their influence on the Mayan culture, the ancient Summerian record of their cultures, and the descriptions of many ancient gods. 
Patagonia giants are half-breeds, carrying the genes of the Annunaki, and those many myths like David and Goliath and Samson are describing the genetics and remnants of the Annunaki.

Description 7/15/1995: The Great Pyramids were built essentially as Navigational Devices. Why was it necessary to build such large structures as interstellar navigational guides?

Description 7/15/1995: The giant hominoids had long faces. The Easter Island heads were designed to intimidate, as this appearance in the faces was and is indeed their facial structure.

Description 7/15/1997: To the primitive humans, who came barely to the waists of the strapping, handsome giants, they were gods. Ancient Egyptian gods, ancient Babylonian gods, the Vizigoths of Germany, ancient Mayan and Incan gods, are almost to a one particular individuals from Annunaki royalty, stationed on Earth to supervise mining operations.

Description 7/15/1995: These giants were approximately 50% larger than man, as their home planet is more dense and massive and the gravity on the surface that much stronger. Larger bones are needed to support life there. 
The ancient Summerians documented the appearance and lifestyle of the Annunaki, and since they also mined for Gold on Mars, many recent images from the Mars rovers and probes record their stay as recent issues of this newsletter document. This includes a goat’s skull, a live mouse, Gold dust traces left after a water wash, and an Annunaki doll. The forlorn nature of these artifacts shows that the Annunaki are no longer on Mars, though they are conducting robotically controlled mining for Gold in the solar system. Will mankind every encounter their prior slave masters? Since the Earth is destined to make the leap into 4th density approximately 100 years from now, and Nibiru is not ready for its Transformation as yet, this is unlikely to every occur.

Prediction 3/13/2010: The Annunaki reside on Planet X, and will for some time. Where they are considered peers of mankind, they have a decided negative bent, as they were influenced unduly by aliens in the Service-to-Self in the past. Thus, they are not participating in the Transformation as mankind is at this time, and will remain in 3rd density after the Earth switch to 4th density.

Galactic Messages Of Light Manuscript Of Survival Part 258 January 25 2013

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Montague Keen - January 13, 2013. Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Française SaLuSa, 18 janvier 2013. Fédération Galactique de Lumière

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Galactic Federation of Light JANUARY 19 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 329, January 20, 2013

Audio Track.

Issue 329.

Volcano Excuses
Volcanic activity is up. They are erupting, and staying in that state, more frequently and with greater violence, as the Pole Shift ning blog keeping watch reports.

Volcanic activity is found along plate borders, where the Earth’s plates are being pushed together or being pulled apart. Clearly, as plate movement occurs during the 7 of 10 plate movements, volcanic activity will and has increased. During the long-running cover-up over the presence of Planet X, how to explain the increase in volcanic activity? The ever imaginative cover-up crowd grasped at the theory of heavy water and lighter land – as Global Warming melts ice on land, land would bounce up, and as the water added to the oceans, plates under the oceans would sink. Both actions would cause volcanic activity. Their logic? Volcanic activity is related, historically, with climate change. Well, of course this was the case, as prior passages of Planet X jerked the Earth around, creating both climate change and volcanic activity! Duh!

Could a Changing Climate Set Off Volcanoes and Quakes?
May 7, 2012
British scientist argues that global warming could lead to a future of more intense volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And while some dismiss his views as preposterous, he points to a body of recent research that shows a troubling link between climate change and the Earth’s most destructive geological events. The most solid evidence for climatic influence on geology comes from the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago.  Analysis of volcanic deposits, published in the past decade by several authors, has found that this period of rapid climate change, when ice sheets retreated from much of the planet, coincided with a sudden outburst of geological activity.
ZetaTalk Explanation 3/19/2012: This new theory makes the claim that earthquakes and exploding volcanoes are caused by the shifting weight from melting ice and the increased weight of water in the oceans! Once again, a symptom of the presence of Planet X is being claimed as the cause. Melting poles and rising seas are regularly present during a passage, as are huge earthquakes during plate movements and volcanic explosion from sloshing magma! But the cause of this is not a mysterious warming, but the passing Planet X body itself. It is the lurching Earth wobble that is sloshing the magma about and smashing plates into one another. Once again, the elephant in the room is being ignored.

This article hit the in early 2012 and has now been revived, appearing in the press again on December 19, 2012. What’s the problem? Has volcanic activity threatened to become too obvious? 

When the Ice Melts, the Earth Spews Fire
December 19, 2012
For more than ten years the project has been extensively exploring volcanoes of Central America. Among others pieces of evidence, we have observations of ash layers in the seabed and have reconstructed the history of volcanic eruptions for the past 460,000 years. After comparing these patterns with the climate history, there was an amazing match. The periods of high volcanic activity followed fast, global temperature increases and associated rapid ice melting. In times of global warming, the glaciers are melting on the continents relatively quickly. At the same time the sea level rises. The weight on the continents decreases, while the weight on the oceanic tectonic plates increases. Thus, the stress changes within in the Earth to open more routes for ascending magma.
ZetaTalk Comment 1/5/2013: Why the need to bring up this theory, repeatedly, at this time? The 7 of 10 plate movements during  2011 and 2012 have increased volcanic activity, but it is what is to come that has those clinging to the cover-up over the presence of Planet X frantic. Volcanic activity cannot be hidden, whereas quake activity can be disguised. It is obvious that earthquakes are rising in frequency and magnitude despite quakes being deleted from databases and the magnitude greatly reduced. But volcanic activity can be measured via photos taken by tourists or airplanes flying overhead. This cannot be hidden. What to do? Invent a cause other than the passage of Planet X, which of course causes the geologic changes and the volcanic increase. Then ignore Planet X and blame any climate change as the cause.

Perhaps this theory has been revived and promoted because new volcanoes are emerging along plate borders that are pulling apart – near the Baja and another near Turkey. Per the Zetas, no surprise during the 7 of 10 plate movements, and something that can hardly be ascribed to Global Warming.  Note both these new volcanoes are where the 7 of 10 plate movements are pulling plates apart. Near the Baja, the bowing of the N American continent is pulling the tip of Mexico westward while the remainder of the continent is fixed in place pending the New Madrid adjustment. Thus vents along the San Andreas can open up. In Turkey, the African Roll is pulling the Africa Plate away, ripping the region along the Sinai open by an additional 50 miles, as this
Pole Shift ning blog and drawing by the talented Kojima shows. As Africa pulls away, the plate borders in the Mediterranean will yaw open.

Weird Underwater Volcano Discovered Near Baja
December 13, 2012
Weird Underwater Volcano Discovered Near Baja December 13, 2012. Scientists have discovered one of the world's weirdest volcanoes on the seafloor near the tip of Baja, Mexico. The petite dome — about 165 feet tall (50 meters) and 4,000 feet long by 1,640 feet wide (1,200 m by 500 m) — lies along the Alarcón Rise. Samples from the newly discovered volcano are strangely rhyolite lava, and have the highest silica content (up to 77 percent) of any rocks collected from a midocean ridge. They were very low density, and they were very light, glassy and gray. They were not the usual dark, black, shiny basalts.
ZetaTalk Comment 12/22/2012: Is lava homogeneous, the same everywhere? Why should it be? Even the highly mobile atmosphere differs from place to place – being humid here, of a different density there, and carrying methane or CO2 in heavier quantities in yet another place. Lava is melted rock, and the rock qualities nearby affect what is in the lava as it melts and combines with the lava. Lava can get trapped in pockets under the crust, as the crust is not smooth underneath any more than it is smooth above the surface. There are mountains and valleys beneath the crust, where lava can flow slowly or get trapped. These scientists are not surprised by the quality of the lava off the Baja, they are shocked at the degree of activity along the San Andreas there! Are the plates moving? Mexico is being pulled by the bowing of the N American continent, and this is yet more proof.

New Submarine Volcanic Eruption off Turkey's Coast Suspected
January 3, 2013
A new submarine volcanic eruption might have recently started off Turkey's west coast in the Marmaris Sea between the mainland and the Greek Island of Simi near Rhodes. Scientists from Istanbul's Technical University announced that they have found evidence of 2 active vents at about 200 m water depth along a north-south trending fissure of 2.5-3 km length. According to local newspapers, a rise in sea temperature was detected which suggests that lava might be erupting from the vents. Possibly preceding the eruption, as magma was rising through the crust, the area was affected by a series of seismic swarms during the past months. According to the scientists, a previous submarine eruption already occurred here in 2009.
Wandering Planet Admissions
Shortly after the ZetaTalk saga began, with the Zeta description of the orbit of Planet X (aka Nibiru, aka Sitchin’s 12th Planet) as a sling orbit between our Sun and its dark, unlit, companion some 18.74 Sun-Pluto lengths away, astronomers began searching in earnest for evidence of such wandering planets caught between binary stars.

Explanation 7/15/1995: The periodic Earth cataclysms caused by the 12th Planet have been in place for eons, since the Earth was cold and without life, coming out of what some Earthlings refer to as the big bang. The orbit of the 12th Planet is long and narrow. There is a balance between the attraction of your Sun and another, unseen by you but nevertheless present and in force. The 12th Planet travels interminably between these two forces, not able to settle on an orbit around just one because of the momentum and path it originally took.

Description 2001: This unlit binary sun lies some 18.74 times the distance from your Sun to Pluto, at a 11 degree angle from the ecliptic, in the direction of the constellation of Orion.

Previously, such a concept had been ridiculed, and considered impossible by human scientists. Suddenly, the theory got adopted by human scientists and the ridicule stopped. Once again, ZetaTalk (and Star Wars with the binary stars for Tatoine) leads the way.

New Rebel Planet Found Outside Solar System
October 23, 1996
A new planet that breaks all the rules about how and where planets form has been identified in orbit of a twin star about 70 light years from Earth in a constellation commonly known as the Northern Cross. The new planet has a roller-coaster like orbit that swoops down close to its central star and then swings far out into frigid fringes, following a strange egg-shaped orbit that is unlike that of any other known planet. The new planet is the latest in a series of bodies found in orbit of stars outside the solar system and is part of a quickening effort by astronomers to find distant worlds.
Free-Floating Planets and Stellar Clusters
Mar-Apr, 2002
For centuries a planet has been defined as an object that orbits a star. This notion was recently upended when several groups of astronomers reported the discovery of planet-sized objects wandering through space on their own, with no parent star in sight.
Mysterious Object Might be First Extrasolar Planet Photographed
June 3, 2002
There is an unresolved debate among experts as to whether an object so far from a star can be called a planet or not. And no one is sure how it might have formed our how it could end up in such a location.
How times have changed! Roving planets slinging past both binary suns is now handily admitted! Next they’ll be admitting that intelligent life exists on other worlds, and that man is not alone as the only intelligent creature.

Double-Star Systems Can Be Dangerous for Exoplanets
January 6, 2013
Exoplanets circling a star with a far-flung stellar companion — worlds that are part of "wide binary" systems — are susceptible to violent and dramatic orbital disruptions, including outright ejection. The study was published today (Jan. 6) in the journal Nature and will be presented by Kaib at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Long Beach, Calif., on Monday (Jan. 7).
NASA’s Kepler Suggests 17 Billion Earth-Sized Planets in Milky Way
January 8, 2013
The Milky Way contains at least 17 billion planets the size of Earth, and likely many more, according to a study that raises the chances of discovering a sister planet to ours. Astronomers using NASA’s Kepler spacecraft found that about 17 percent of stars in our galaxy have a planet about the size of Earth in a close orbit. The Milky Way is known to host about 100 billion stars, meaning that about one of every six has an Earth-sized planet around it.
ZetaTalk Comment 1/12/2013: At the start of the ZetaTalk saga, astronomers claimed that a wandering planet was not theoretically possible, nor were they known. Within two years after ZetaTalk described the process, a sling orbit flinging past both suns in a binary system, astronomers had discovered evidence of such a slinging planet. Now they proudly proclaim their discoveries, with nary a mention of ZetaTalk insights they relied upon. Such borrowing of ZetaTalk scientific concepts to fine-tune scientific exploration is quite common, and unfortunately, arrogant man refusing to give credit where credit is due is also quite common.
Cracking Crust
Once again gigantic cracks are appearing, almost simultaneously, in Asia and S America. What is the nexus? This time the cracks are in Thailand and Argentina, appearing in the press on the same da. Per the Zetas, when the Sunda Plate sinks and compresses, this allows the S American Roll to progress. This happened back in March of 2011 too, when cracks appeared in India, high in the Himalayas, and in the Indus Valley on the western border of India.  Almost simultaneously, during the same time period, cracks appeared in Java and the Philippines, and in S America in Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia. All this detailed in Issue 234 and Issue 232 of this newsletter.

Thailand: Land Cracks in Wiset Chai Chan District
January 5, 2013
People at the tiered campaign Siriporn said the area had been settled on the land a long time, and officials have to make modifications to the ground that collapsed. But where the new settlement is the pile of wood used to build houses. Which may be a long time to decay and settle.
Argentina: A Crack of 3 km Otumpa Worries Villagers
January 5, 2013
Affecting dozens of families in Otumpa (Dept. Moreno) a deep crack about 3 km long and caused damage to homes and ranches structures.
ZetaTalk Description 9/9/2010: There is a relationship. As the Indo-Australia Plate lifts and slides, this allows the Pacific plates to shift west, which allows S America to shift west also. This is greatly increased by the folding of the Mariana Trench and the Philippine Plate. But it is the Indo-Australian Plate that gives way to incite change in these other plates, and this is what is manifesting now to those closely following the changes. Once the folding of the Pacific has occurred, Japan has been destabilized. We are not allowed to give a time frame for any of these plate movements, but would point out that it is not until the North Island of Japan experiences its strong quakes that a tsunami causing sloshing near Victoria occurs. There are clues that the New Madrid will be next.

Meanwhile, under the Pacific Ocean, plates are also on the move, but if any cracks develop, they are unseen. However, the buoys show plate movements, and on January 5, 2013, during a mere 7.8 quake in the Aleutian Islands, the buoys went on alert all across the North Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands. Is this the adjustment that will precede activity on the New Madrid front?

Looming Venus/Dark Twin
The looming Venus and Dark Twin have both made another appearance. Venus is once again in the Monster form, where reflected light spreads outward and then is pulled back toward Earth by Earth’s gravity, bending the light rays so Venus looks larger than its real size. The real size of Venus, when viewed from the Earth, can be surmised from the many images of the last Venus Transit on June 6, 2012, as detailed in Issue 298 of this newsletter. Compared to the Sun, it is tiny.

Explanation 10/29/2011: This is Venus looming. As it is squeezed in the cup with the Earth, in front of the approaching Planet X, it is out of place. Catching the Sun's rays in a blooming effect, where the light rays bend toward Venus from all sides and then continue on this bent path toward Earth, it creates a monster appearance.

The Monster Venus was last reported in this newsletter on February 26, 2012 in
Issue 282 of this newsletter, when a Monster appeared in photos from Russia taken February 11, 2012 and earlier on October 22, 2011 in Eugene, OR.  Now the Monster has appeared in a video from Germany, taken on December 18, 2012. Looking at the Skymap for that date, Venus is in the right position. A second video taken in Columbus , Ohio by an astonished truck driver on January 2, 2013 also caught the Monster, again in the right position per Skymap for that date and location. These two videos confirm each other.



The Dark Twin, which shares the Earth’s orbit, normally on the opposite side of the Sun, also made a re-appearance. Last  featured in this newsletter on September 18, 2011 in Issue 259.  At that time, the view was directly toward the West at dinner time, 5-6:00 pm, in Texas. The Dark Twin has moved up behind the Earth in their shared orbit. The Zetas predicted that the Dark Twin would try to pass the Earth, sliding around behind it. This is apparently well in process, as the Dark Twin is now seen looking East at 9:00 pm, as shown in this video by Denise dated December 30, 2012.


Note the change in location! Note that the visibility of the Dark Twin is its true size, which is staying at a set distance from the Earth due to the Repulsion Force, and is unlikely to come any closer.

Prediction 4/14/2012: We had warned that the twin would tend to move behind the Earth as these planets are squeezed in the cup, and thence escape by moving back into space behind the Earth, passing the Earth in their shared orbit. We mentioned these possibilities, that the Dark Twin would pass the Earth and attempt to escape by moving forward in their shared orbit. At present, the twin is caught behind the Earth in their shared orbit, and moving along outside of their orbit behind the Earth out in space. It is trying to evade conflict with the Earth by dropping below the Ecliptic somewhat, as it attempts to slide past the Earth.

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Offshore Bankers/Government own YOUR clone

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Galactic Messages Of Light Hatonn January 16 2013

Galactic Federation of Light JANUARY 16 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Major Event Warning!! April 2, 2013 Black Star Alignment

This press release warning is being sent out to people on my email contact list for forwarding to your contacts if you wish. Our planet reached outside orbit position to a star-like object inbound from the Leo Constellation on December 28, 2012, when the Sun/Earth and Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connections reached a ninety degree angle. Those two umbilical-like connections are now diverging to become a straight line on April 2, 2013 at the coming alignment that will produce the ‘event’ described in the press release below. You can read about
Project Black Star on my website at and subscribe to my weekly newsletter and gain access to my research materials through a Dropbox Folder link delivered to your email box, by becoming a regular newsletter subscriber. The next event on the Black Star Timeline takes place on May 17, 2013, as a potential ‘crossing event,’ when Earth crosses the orbit path of the inbound black dwarf star. Here is the Youtube Video Link describing the coming April 2, 2013 Pacific Ocean Event: 4809 46th Avenue North – St. Petersburg, FL – 33714 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday, January 14, 2013
Contact: Terral Croft,
Skype: Terral03
St. Petersburg, Florida – Our researchers have discovered a pattern of seismicity going back to 1965 that has transitioned into large magnitude events including Earth axis shifts on a regular 188-day cycle. The most-recent events include the February 27, 2010 8.8 event in Chile, the September 4, 2010 7.1 event at Christchurch, New Zealand, the September 15, 2011 7.3 event in Fiji, the March 11, 2011 9.0 Japan event, and the September 26, 2012 7 magnitude Aleutian event. The next timeline event is expected to take place according to our calculations on April 2, 2013, when Earth will pass through the gravity trough connecting the gravity wells of the Sun and an inbound black dwarf star being tracked at .024 degrees below the ecliptic plane under the hind foot of the Leo Constellation.
Saturn recently passed through the Leo Constellation to develop the current super storm now raging in the northern hemisphere, just like thirty years ago; when the ringed planet passed through the Leo Constellation. The evidence indicates that Jupiter’s liquefying core, Venus’ slowing rotation with Mars’ and Uranus’ increased seismicity are all perturbations associated with the inbound black dwarf star. Earth experienced a magnetopause reversal last year on March 12-13, 2012 for between twenty three
and twenty eight hours from bombardment by subatomic particle flows released from the Leo Constellation saying that the inbound dark star is in near proximity to the inner solar system.
Our research teams anticipate that HAARP multi-frequency wave signatures will begin transmitting from Navy-maintained floating flotillas on March 29, 2013, about seventy two hours prior to the expected event. The HAARP arrays will generate either a series of amplification waves to induce a five-inch Earth axis shift with a nine-magnitude earthquake event, or generate a dampening field to spread out the gravity trough-produced energy wave to induce multiple eight-magnitude earthquake events at the epicenter location. The research teams also expect to see two dozen four to six magnitude earthquake swarm events at the April 2, 2013 Pacific Ocean event epicenter location. Everyone living in or around a seismic area should be warned to brace for one of the top five seismic events in recorded history on or about April 1-2, 2013.

Jesus January 16, 2013 by John Smallman

Jesus 16 gennaio 2013, da John Smallman. Traduzione: Silvia Rubino Zizzo

Galactic Messages Of Light Sheldan Nidle January 15 2013

Abraham Hicks ~ Acceptance vs unconditional love

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Galactic Federation of Light JANUARY 15 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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It's Just a Ride..

Archangel Michael January 14, 2013. channelled: Ron Head

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p2 1/3 Judge David Wynn Miller Undefeated in Courts Power of Quantum Com...

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p2 3/3 Judge David Wynn Miller Undefeated in Courts Power of Quantum Com...

Introducing :JUDGE: David-Wynn Miller

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven January 14, 2013. Through Fran Zepeda.

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Messaggio settimanale di Melchizedek 6 -- 13 Gennaio, 2013.

Jesus January 11, 2013. Channeled by John Smallman

SaLuSa, January 11, 2013 Galactic Federation of Light

Jesus 11 gennaio 2013, da John Smallman. Traduzione: Silvia Rubino Zizzo

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Saul 9 january 2013. Galactic Federation of Light

Saul 9 gennaio 2013. Federazione Galattica di Luce Traduzione: Cristina

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Galactic Federation of Light JANUARY 13 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

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