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The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 378, December 29, 2013 Full

Audio Track.

Issue 378.

Wobble Obvious
The Figure 8 of the daily Earth wobble is showing up in a rather obvious manner on the quake map page provided by the Global Incident Map site for December 8, 2013. During the polar push when the Sun is over New Zealand, the N Pole of Earth is pushed away, giving eastern Russia, the Kamchatka region, a clearly colder climate than the N American coast at the same latitude, or further west into central Russia at the same latitude.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/21/2007: Planet X has turned in place so that it is now pointing its N Pole out toward Earth. The wobble has consequently become more severe because the interaction between Planet X and the Earth is driven by a N Pole push. Each day, when the Earth's magnetic N Pole comes over the horizon so that it is facing the Sun and the bully magnet Planet X, the Earth receives a shove from Planet X, pushing her magnetic N Pole away.

Then the Figure 8 swings the N Pole first to the right and then to the left, causing the globe to lean in this or that direction. In the lean to the right, the region of central Russia is getting more Sun, as can be seen from the lack of snow. Yet land to the east and to the west is covered by snow. Moving west for the Figure 8 lean when the Sun is high over Italy, one sees the same warmer temps in eastern Europe and Sweden. Yet the coast of Norway on the same latitude does not enjoy that. The final leg of the Figure 8 wobble occurs when the Sun is high over the Americas. This is the bounce back, recovery from the polar push. Here the N American continent gets more Sun than expected, and Alaska and western Canada are virtually roasting in the heat! Yet eastern Canada has snow and cold at the same latitude.

Setting aside the influence of oceans on coastal temps, look at what is happening in the center of large land masses! There’s your proof.  The wobble has become so very obvious, an issue covered in recent newsletters such as Issue 372 on November 17, 2013 and Issue 359 on August 18, 2013 and Issue 357 on August 4, 2013 and Issue 343 on April 28, 2013.
Planet X Surprise

One of the personas of Planet X or its Moon Swirls is the Monster Persona, wherein light from the object, spreading in all directions, is bent back by gravity toward the Earth. The resulting pale orb, seen from Earth, does not represent the true size of the object, but merely the periphery where light rays are being bent toward the eye or camera. On November 28, 2013 when all eyes were on NASA’s SOHO and Stereo images to watch the dramatic swing of ISON around the Sun, a Monster Persona of Planet X itself appeared in the Stereo Ahead red and blue images.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/7/2013: What is the Stereo Ahead satellite seeing on November 28, 2013 when all eyes were on NASA’s satellite images, looking for comet ISON? All eyes were on ISON, and no one, including NASA, knew what to expect. Images were rolled forward to the eager public, escaping the usual scrutiny for signs of Planet X, which have in any case escaped the editing process and given the public dramatic proof of Planet X from time to time. The Stereo Ahead image made it to public view, perhaps because someone checking the image was confused and thought it might be ISON. Once being circulated on the Internet and in the forums, it was too late to retract it. A rare capture of Planet X by the NASA satellites during the excitement of the ISON watch.

Evidence of the presence of Planet X in the NASA satellite images is hard to come by, as there has been an official cover-up over its presence and NASA has regularly airbrushed evidence from the images provided by SOHO or Stereo. Still, due to the vast tail of Planet X which wafts about and is full of debris and the Moon Swirls of Planet X, evidence of the tail can be collected almost daily, as this Pole Shift ning blog shows.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/7/2013: To understand the scene, the public must be aware that since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system and blocked the path of the Earth, halting its orbit, NASA has altered its images. At first they were taken by surprise by the blocked orbit, thus comets came early in the Spring of 2004. The halted orbit was denied by NASA, as to admit it would have required a discussion about Planet X and the alien presence, both issues which were being denied by the US government. NASA first began by airbrushing any evidence of Planet X out of the scene on SOHO and Stereo images. Since Planet X appeared in the same region of the images day after day, this was most often done by a cut and paste. The edit lines caused by this operation can easily be seen. Then NASA found it necessary to paint in background stars and passing planets. What was left? The solar activity and occasional evidence of the Planet X complex that slipped by the intensive editing process were the only real items on this made-for-the-public NASA movie process.

Where are the Stereo satellites positioned, vs a vs the Earth and Planet X, that they captured this Monster Persona of Planet X? The Stereo satellites were released to float in opposite directions on either side of the Earth, moved steadily by measured propulsion into these locations. At first, close to the Earth but increasingly at a greater distance from the Earth in their shared orbit. In the diagrams NASA presents, they show the Earth centered between the Stereo cameras, but due to the halted orbit of Earth, which has been pushed back into the August position, this is not real. As with the SOHO images, background planets are painted in, but Planet X can sneak into the images. This happened in 2010, when Planet X was caught on both the Stereo Ahead and Behind images, simultaneously. Since 2010, the Stereo satellites have progressed along their orbit path.

What was the view from the Stereo Ahead camera on November 28, 2013? Earth was pushed back in her orbit. Planet X is doing the pushing, coming at Earth in its retrograde orbit, and thus is to the right of the Earth and directly in the field of view of the Stereo Ahead camera.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/7/2013: What is appearing in the Stereo Ahead image is a monster persona of Planet X itself. The Sun is to the right, so close to the line of view that a CME is showing up at the bottom of the image. The image is a 2D image, and thus one cannot tell from the image the distance between objects, unless they appear in front of one another.
Satellite Battles

Is the Council of Worlds battling with Russia and China and Brazil, preventing the launch of Earth viewing satellites to be used for the benefit of the elite? It would certainly seem so. In 2011 the Russian Telekom-3 communication satellite aborted at liftoff and in 2013 the Russian Glonass GPS satellite flamed out dramatically at liftoff. Per the Zetas, this was a message from the Council of Worlds.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/6/2013: This is not the first time that Russian satellites have been disabled upon launch, an obvious warning to the Russian establishment to cease and desist. Their stated intentions do not reflect their real intentions, which are to spy on drowning migrants heading toward Russian territory in the future. The Russians are not clumsy, but in fact technological wizards, having launched Sputnik ahead of the US in the race to space. It was a message! During the severe flooding that will occur during the Last Weeks and Pole Shift, bombing those desperate to escape is a misuse of authority.

Yet the UrtheCast satellite was allowed to launch, successfully. Per the Zetas, UrtheCast is being made available to the common man as well as the elite, and thus was allowed.

Watch Earth Spin From Your Browser
November 25, 2013

For free, Internet users will log on to UrtheCast.com anytime to see the beauty of the big blue ball we live on. The crisp resolution will let them see not only the Earth -- with all the accompanying weather patterns and seasonal changes -- but moving vehicles, large crowds, boats and buildings. UrtheCast will share the data with their Russian partners, who in the meantime get a payload of positive publicity for their space program.
ZetaTalk Comment 11/3/2013: Having been warned that access for the elite, and the elite only, would not be allowed to succeed, the Russians had a backup plan. They would install a view of Earth on the ISS, paid for by Mother Russia, to be made available to all of mankind free of charge. For every benefit to the elite, who wish to block migrants to their enclaves or government operations, there is equal benefit to the common man, who would be able to assess the flooding in their paths, assess the weather to gauge any violent storms that would capsize their boats, and determine volcanic activity that would bury them in ash. Thus, this time, the Russians have a winner!

Now, in a seeming Déjà vu, China and Brazil are having the same sort of launch problem on another Earth viewing satellite. This one, the CBERS3 satellite, purported to provide Earth viewing imagery to the public, but per the Zetas this was deceptive. Old or errant images were going to replace current or accurate views, to misinform desperate migrates. Oops, another launch failure!
Chinese Rocket Failure Destroys Earth-Observation Satellite
December 9, 2013

CBERS 3 was the fourth China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite launched since 1999. Its three predecessors are no longer functioning. China and Brazil started cooperating in Earth observation programs in 1988. Brazil uses CBERS data to monitor wildfires and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, observe crop yields and trends in land use, manage water resources, and study urban development. Like its Landsat counterpart in the United States, the CBERS project distributes imagery for free on the Internet.
ZetaTalk Comment 12/14/2013: China is historically expert at launching satellites, even successfully launching a lunar probe. Though touted as an Earth observing satellite, with images available to the public, as with Russia’s failed launches in the past the main use of CBERS3 was to serve the elite.  The public was to be misled, if necessary, with older images being provided so that current changes were disguised. Thus if drowning migrants from the Caribbean were trying to pass through the Amazon basin to southern Brazil, extensive flooding of the Amazon would be disguised to mislead migration.
Media Battles
Just ahead of the announcement, both Russia and China seem to be making media outreach changes. Could this be related? Russia suddenly reorganized its state-owned news channel RIA Novosti into a state-owned news channel Russia Today, citing cost savings. Per the Zetas, this has nothing to do with cost savings and everything to do with media control after the announcement.
Russian News Agency RIA Novosti Closed Down
December 9, 2013

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has abolished the country's state-owned news agency RIA Novosti.
In a surprise decree published on the Kremlin's website on Monday, Mr Putin announced it would be replaced by a news agency called Russia Today. The new agency will be headed by journalist and keen Kremlin supporter Dmitry Kiselev.
ZetaTalk Comment 12/14/2013: Clearly announcement related, the openness and debate formerly allowed on RIA Novosti is being blocked for a more controlled news outlet on Russia Today. Rioting can be controlled by the military or police. But more than rioting can erupt if the public feels their needs are not being taken into consideration. Rebellion, within Russia, can be fomented. An open forum such as RIA Novosti had been would support debate where both sides could be heard. Russia Today will speak with a single voice.

Similarly, China is tightening its grip, refusing to renew visas that come due this December.
China’s Strong-Arm Tactics Toward U.S. Media Merit a Response
December 8, 2013

China’s rulers fear that the free flow of information would undermine their grip. The Times and Bloomberg have nearly two dozen journalists whose visas are up for renewal by the end of the month, and they may be forced to leave if the visas are not granted.
Rioting Triggers
Riots can have many tipping points, but usually there is an underlying smoldering issue as a cause. For Turkey, it was the tendency of the new Prime Minister to push Islam on a democracy. When a public park was demolished to build a mosque, riots broke out. For the Ukraine, it is dissention among the public divided in support of Yanukovych’s allegiance with Russia and pulling toward the EU.

Protests in Turkey
June 3, 2013

An undercurrent of explosive anger at the government of Turkey found a fuse on May 31 as a protest over the demolition of a public park in Istanbul quickly spread to other cities and encompassed simmering passions on broader issues in Turkish political life.
Ukraine Protests: it is Time to Go, Opposition Leaders tell President
December 2, 2013

Parts of Kiev remained under the control of throngs of anti-government protesters. Police have deserted the centre of the city. Yanukovych was blindsided by the ferocity of the protests against his decision to turn away from an integration pact with the EU in favour of improved relations with Russia.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/1/2013: The Ukraine is on the edge where some of its land will be above the waves, but all to the east in Russia will be flooded. Russia does not want Europeans bridging over to Kazakhstan, which will already be burdened with migrates from Russia. Negotiations are thus in process!

In Asia, recent rioting in Thailand is claimed to have at its base corruption among its leaders, though Thailand, especially Bangkok, has been afflicted with sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements. The anxiety caused by the subconscious realization that the elite have their options during such sinking, while the common man is blocked, is behind this unease. A case in point is the rare case of rioting recently in Singapore, where the laws are so strict in this regard that several years in prison can result. Workers from India were rioting. India of course is steadily sinking, and the worse yet to come.

Thai Protesters Seize Several More Ministries
November 26, 2013

The public protests erupted last month over a government-backed bill that could have granted amnesty to the current premier’s brother, ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawat.
ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2013: What will happen in Asia? India considers itself a stable government, but when running from flooding lands the desperate will riot as they have no other option. Southeast Asia will find the common man impatient to get the same rescue as the elite, when pushed out of their homes and livelihood by the rising seas. In times of plenty, where life does not seem to change from one generation to another, acceptance of the status quo prevails. But when the elite are being protected by the military and are compensated for their losses, rage will develop.
Worst Riots in Singapore for 40 Years
December 9, 2013

Hundreds of foreign workers set fire to cars and clashed with police during a riot in Singapore tonight.
The disorder, which is rare in the city state, broke out in Singapore's Little India district after an Indian worker was reportedly hit and killed by a bus. Incidents like this are rare in Singapore, which has tough laws on rioting that carry a sentence of up to seven years in prison and possible caning.
Bitcoin Future
Bitcoin is a recent phenomenon wherein funds are converted from one currency to another, and passed via the Internet. A virtual bank, its popularity has increased because there is no apparent physical location where the funds can become entangled and no way for the tax man to easily trace the funds. On the flip side, it’s virtual money, and thus can disappear along with the Internet.

Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer electronic money and payment network introduced in 2009 by pseudonymous developer "Satoshi Nakamoto".Bitcoins are increasingly used as payment for legitimate products and services, and merchants have an incentive to accept the currency because transaction fees are lower than the 2 to 3% typically imposed by credit card processors. Some have suggested that Bitcoin is gaining popularity in countries with problem-plagued national currencies, as it can be used to circumvent inflation, capital controls, and international sanctions.
The Zetas have predicted the world will shift to the barter system as the Pole Shift approaches. How are Bitcoins different? They still represent a form of money, a medium of exchange, but have several points where they are strikingly different from traditional banking. Bitcoin will not outlast the Internet, which will falter during the Pole Shift and essentially disappear. But Bitcoin is a step closer to the barter system than traditional banking. Per the Zetas, there are three reasons for bank failure as the Pole Shift approaches. How does Bitcoin compare?

ZetaTalk Comment 12/7/2013: First, the level of bankruptcies creates instability. The entire banking system is a parasite on the flow of goods and services, as bankers collect salaries. A rising tide of bankruptcies stops the cash flow, especially when the bankrupt collateral cannot be sold due to damage or economic collapse.  Second, cooperation and friendly extensions between countries and banking entities ceases, as all are desperate to survive. This increases the rate of bank failure until only the strongest survive. Third, the barter system will thrive. Banks become more particular about loaning funds, worried about repayment, so the populace starts to look outside of the banks. In all of this, where does Bitcoin fall? This is a currency without a country to collapse into bankruptcy, a bank with scant banker salaries as an overhead to pay, and a currency capable of adapting to the exchange rate almost instantaneously. As long as the Internet functions, Bitcoin is likely to do so also. 

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Chinese lunar rover finds no evidence of American moon landings

  A report from the Chinese state news agency Xinhua has confirmed that China’s mission to the moon hasn’t found a single scrap of evidence that Americans were ever there.
Photographs of the lunar surface taken while the ‘Jade Rabbit’ probe was in orbit and further investigations on the ground have now been analysed and show that areas where US landings were thought to have taken place reveal a surface untouched by man, and no sign of any golf activity whatsoever.
‘They were never there at all,’ said baffled Chinese Foreign Minster, Wang Yi, ‘All those conspiracy theories about Americans making stuff up to make themselves look good turn out to be true. And we would never have known if it weren’t for the glorious People’s Lunar probe of China re-writing history and putting the record straight.’
The findings were even more disappointing for the scientists who created the probe. They had equipped Jade Rabbit with special cutting tools for shredding any American flags it found and replacing them with China’s own. Special legs were also fitted so that the rover could sidle up to remnants of any American spacecraft and kick it and kick it and kick it in the most contemptuous manner possible.
‘We thought, well, what were they going to do, they’d have to send a mission to go back and replant them, surely?’ Mr Yi added. ‘Our policy was simple: all they would have to do was ask us to lend them the money to do it. And then we’d say no. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pig dogs! It’s such a shame that we won’t now get the chance to HUMILIATE them again.’
The Chinese lunar programme is set to accelerate, Mr Yi confirmed. ‘We are building a space centre in the Gobi desert, with a mission control room, astronaut training and a massive sound stage made to look like the moon from where our fake landing will be broadcast to the world in 2016,’ he stated, completely oblivious to the fact that he may have given too much away and will probably be shot in the morning.
White House press secretary Jay Carney refused to comment, but was heard muttering under his breath that ‘those bastards will copy anything’.
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IMF & Darpa Behind Bitcoin!


There is no way to stop what is going to happen to bitcoin. It's an issue of sociology. It's an issue of human greed. It's an issue as to WHO created bitcoin and WHY.

Who is the single largest holder of BTC right now? "Satoshi". Who is he? I will say it again. NSA/DARPA created bitcoin under the guidance of the IMF. The IMF has been openly calling for a digital, one-world, deflationary currency for 2 decades. OPENLY. It has been discussed and promoted OPENLY at G8 and G20 summits.

from the early 90s-96 the NSA was OPENLY investigating cryptographic money networks.


One of their researchers and investigators is a man named Tatsuaki Okamoto. When they actively started writing the code they chose the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamura" to ultimately promote the idea that Tatsuaki Okamoto to any and all who investigated the source of bitcoin long enough. But Tatsuaki Okamoto is just a cog. He's not some rogue savoir out to topple centralized banks. Not at all. He is a crypto scientist who was paid by government and intelligence agencies to do research.

Bitcoin is an NSA/DARPA lab set into the wild. Scientific technology grants issued by government and intelligence agencies are how these labs are funded and promoted. The regulation and control of bitcoin has been actively developed alongside the development of the network. In fact, the controls, policy and regulation are WAY WAY more mature than the bitcoin protocol itself. That's why we see things like Greenlist written into law without a mention of bitcoin until recently.

This is not tinfoil hattish. This is just reality. No one forced ANYONE to believe the Satoshi fairytale.. The libertarian Satoshi myth has been promoted in stealth to specifically promote ADOPTION and DEVELOPMENT. It's no different than the internet and WWW itself. EXACTLY the same. That is why you see many www early adopters saying bitcoin "feels" the same as the early internet. I am one of those people.

In 94-96 the public internet was ALL about freedom of information. FREE COMMUNICATION. It was ALL about liberty and freedom. I wish i could transport some of you back in time so you could see for yourselves. The promise of free phonecalls with the freeworlddialup, free media with IUMA and the MBONE. All this freedom and liberty had people pouring their heart and soul into developing it. Now look at it. Facebook, google.. it is a GIANT SURVEILLANCE grid. And if you look for and read DARPA/NSA docs from the 80s and early 90s that was what it was always meant to be. I am not discounting all the socially great things that happen online.. But from the perspective of DARPA/NSA and control freaks.. it was created for the express purpose of control. A military purpose. A strategic purpose.

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin IS the one world digital currency. We all have a deterministic UUID that has been generated from our biometric data. This UUID will be related to all your datastores. This UUID is your mark. This UUID is what is used to buy and sell online and in the real world. This UUID is the primary key in your Greenlist identity.

Coinbase, blockchain.info and it would appear Coinsetter are inline to be the first to roll out the incoming policy and regulation. This policy and regulation is WORLD WIDE. It is CORPORATE. It is not about governments. Governments ADOPT corporate organized policies. If you think this is new than you need to investigate ACH and NACHA. https://www.nacha.or...l-services-hsbc

Bitcoin is THEIR network. And for the minority early adopters that is going to be a hard pill to swallow.. But for those in the know.. Like Gavin, it's PAYDAY. Realization and monetization of their massive bitcoin holdings is being guaranteed by regulators. That is why they are all literally RUSHING to regulate.

Legitimization of bitcoin is all about hosted wallets. The centralization of bitcoin. Hosted wallet providers approve/dissaprove transactions before they are actually issued on the network. Greenlist enabled wallets will be the fastest. (offline transactions). Greenlist enabled wallets will be hooked directly to your bank account, ease of buying and selling. Greenlist enabled exchanges will have the largest market with the best prices. Greenlist enabled wallets will completely eliminate risk of stolen coins. No more security worries AT ALL. And this is what the masses have come to expect. And this is why it's going to happen. And Greenlisted wallets will be accepted everywhere. And in the physical world you will identify yourself and your wallet with your biometrics.


TL;DR bitcoin is a global digital currency, regulation was created in tandem with development and adoption, bitcoin is not and never was meant to be a liberty promoting value exchange. There is no "satoshi". The central banks are already the largest holders of bitcoin. Bitcoin IS going to the moon because of this.

NOTE: This article is originally posted at these websites. (Lots of interesting comments about "Bitcoin" to read also at the forums on these websites.

1. websiteshttp://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6465-bitcoin-was-created-by-darpa:

2. http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/1r7iks/bitcoin_was_created_by_darpa_xpost_rbitcoin

NOTE: Check out the list of digital (crypto-currencies) otherwise referred to as "virtual currencies at this website: http://coinmarketcap.com

These "virtual currencies: do not exist in the physical world as coins or paper notes. They exist exclusively in cyberspace.

Another interesting article: "Why Virtual Currency Is Here To Stay."

NOTE: Bitcoin and the other "virtual currencies" that are semi-anonymous, and decentralized may one day be identified as the pioneers of "internet-finance." We'll see what happens in 2014 and beyond!

At this time, I am choosing not to negotiate transactions with Bitcoin or any other virtual currency. Perhaps at some future date, when I am convinced that the "virtual currencies" are indeed "free of usury" or "usuryfree" and when I fully understand how to "earn" Bitcoin or any other "virtual currency," I will embrace and promote the concept.

In the meantime, I prefer to create and spend my own usuryfree time currency called Kennedy Hours within my own loyal networks of participating time-traders.

My one hour of basic, unskilled labour is valued at $13.00 (Canadian funds) - that's just above the minimum wage here in Canada. Other people choose to value their one hour of unskilled labour at $12.00 (Canadian Funds) because it is easier to divide into half hours, quarter hours etc.

When I am engaged for professional consulting services, at a rate of $65,00 per hour, I simply request 5 hours for the one hour of professional service - according to the free market. ($13.00 x 5 = $65.00)

My perception is that the value of any currency is based on "trust." Why should I "trust" Bitcoin or any other "virtual currency?"

I would rather trust the time-traders within my own loyal networks and they trust me - because we know each other and we have a track record of honour and integrity when we negotiate trades using a combination of federal cash and our own usuryfree time currency.

We search out and find or produce quality products in our local community and we offer these products and/or services that local time-traders need for themselves, their families and their SDI (Self Directed Income) enterprises.

We cover our wholesale costs with federal cash and we commonly accept the retail mark-up portion of the sale in the usuryfree time currency. This model works during these transitory times any anyone and everyone in invited to participate. Eventually, when our databases grow, we will most likely be able to negotiate our transactions with 100% of usuryfree time currency.

Right now, my preference at this time is to "trust" the "usuryfree time currency" movement as it continually gains popularity from the proven models as offered by "Ithaca Hours" in Ithaca, New York, USA and "Mountain Hours" in Summit County, Colorado, USA.

The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 377, December 22, 2013 FULL

Audio Track.

Issue 377.

ISON Disintegrates
Like Comet Elenin in 2011, Comet ISON was to be used as a distraction, disinformation claiming the comets were Nibiru so that the real Nibiru, aka Planet X would not be noticed. Elenin was taken out by the Council of Worlds for this reason.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/3/2011: Although it is quite common for comets to disintegrate when they draw near the Sun, Elenin was assisted in this regard. The Council of Worlds allowed an interference to put an end to the campaign, which was considered a direct assault on the people of Earth and their right to be informed and to take steps to save themselves and their loved ones during the coming passage.

As with Elenin, these claims were again made for ISON.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/28/2013: Comet ISON is just another dirty snowball, just another comet, so why the hype? Comet Elenin was to be used as a distraction for the Earth changes when the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, was alive and well in 2011. Once again we have a distraction with Comet ISON, with all manner of claims about its potential impact on the Earth. ISON is Nibiru, is the cry. Why, when the admission that Nibiru is real and in the inner solar system for years is about to occur, is anyone pushing the ISON disinformation? There are those who hope the announcement does not occur, so once again a comet is the excuse.

Would the Council of Worlds step in to destroy ISON, as they had with Elenin? Going into ISON’s grand perihelion date on Thanksgiving Day it seemed ISON was on target to be the claimed Comet of the Century. But amid the hype, there were hints that all might not be well.

Comet ISON
November 25, 2013

On Nov, 28th, Thanksgiving Day in the USA, it will fly through the sun's atmosphere little more than a million kilometers above the surface of the sun. At closest approach, the temperature of ISON's core could rise as high as 5000o Fahrenheit--an existential challenge for an icy comet. No one knows if it will survive.
Comet ISON May Be Breaking
October 20, 2013

It's starting to increasingly look like Comet ISON, which at one time was viewed as potentially one of the most spectacular comets of the last hundred years, may not even survive long enough to make its rendevous with the Sun on November 28th of this year. There had always been a concern among astronomers and cometary experts that this might happen, since Comet ISON will be coming so close to the Sun, but there had been cautious optimism that the cosmic visitor might survive its encounter with the sun and provide us with an impressive show in the sky.
What was evident on November 25, 2013? Photos selected by official sites still showed ISON with an intact nucleus and glorious tail, but Alberto, the guru inspiring people worldwide to take photos of the Planet X complex with mylar or red filters, showed otherwise. Alberto is an amateur astronomer who has been taking images of Planet X since 2003. This Pole Shift ning blog has his ISON story in photos. Note that per Alberto’s superb photos, ISON is fragmenting in the days before its perihelion on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013.

Alberto’s photos rival the photos provided by NASA from its SOHO satellite view. NASA held a hangout on Thanksgiving Day, at the time when ISON should sling behind the Sun and emerge on the other side, a glorious sight. Official websites were still pumping the hype. But as ISON went behind the Sun and all waited for it to emerge, the comments from the NASA hangout told the tale. ISON was not re-appearing where and when expected. NASA reported it had exploded.

Comet ISON, so Far so Good
November 27, 2013

Comet ISON is hurtling toward the sun today at 148,000 mph and, despite the rising heat, the comet appears to be intact. Yesterday, reports of fading spectral lines from the comet's core raised concerns that the icy nucleus might be disintegrating. Current images from NASA and ESA spacecraft, however, show the comet still going strong.
1:10 EST: NASA Hangout says “Expected to survive”
1:19 EST: Nucleus of ISON is not as well defined as it was a few hours ago.
1:21 EST: Rumor is ISON has evaperated
1:40 EST: “There is no bright coma in the new pictures, ISON might have disintegrated.”
1:48 EST: “It’s not looking good for ISON. No bright dot where the solid part of the comet would be”
1:59 EST: News is slowing down. Thoughts are ISON evaporated. ISON should have passed the sun at 1:48 EST. It’s a waiting game now.
2:10 EST: “Nothing on SDO, and it’s strange. Possible coma never made it to corona of sun.”
Comet ISON 'Destroyed in Sun Pass'
November 28, 2013

Telescopes saw the giant ball of ice and dust disappear behind the star, but then fail to emerge as expected. Astronomers continue to search for the object, but it is almost certain the much vaunted "Comet of the Century" has gone out with a whimper. Despite its great size, ISON was probably torn apart in the immense heat and tidal forces so close to the Sun.
It had certainly fragmented and was rapidly disintegrating, despite the wails of those who were hoping to claim that ISON was Nibiru. Alberto’s photos proved this to be the case, as the Zetas had predicted going into perihelion. No hand of the Council of Worlds was needed, per the Zetas, as it was destined to fragment.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/25/2013: That ISON is already fragmenting has already been officially acknowledged.  Elenin was assisted in its breakup but ISON did not need assistance. Its multiple tails showed that the composition of ISON was such that voluminous outgassing was occurring even at a far reach from the Sun’s heat. The breakup of Elenin was considered necessary by the Council of Worlds to embarrass the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X. Though the same crowd is now backing all the hype about ISON, the much touted passage by the Sun will result in a dramatic fizzle just ahead of the announcement about the presence of Nibiru. The timing is such that it will be fireworks, a dramatic display during the death of the cover-up. A strong contrast between the truth and the lies that have been promulgated.
Replacement Homes

With the Earth changes on the increase and the flooding and earthquake damage just starting, replacement housing will be a concern for rich and poor. The Zeta prediction for the hour of the Pole Shift includes hurricane force wind worldwide, tidal waves along the coast lines of 500-600 feet, and a rise in sea level within two year after to 675 feet above the current level.

ZetaTalk Description 7/15/1996: Massive tidal waves roll slowly up into the coastal areas, first on one side of a body of water and then, later when the water sloshes back, on the other side. Both tides are equally as devastating. The earthquakes are devastating. All but the flimsiest of housing is wrenched so violently that it collapses, crushing and trapping those inside.

It is thus no accident that tiny houses, those which can be cheaply built or built even from trash are increasingly in the news. Rich and poor alike may be looking for homes afloat, which can move to the  best locations and coincidentally fish for supper along the way. Would this monster boat for the wealthy survive the hurricane force winds? The Pole Shift flood tides are not a large violent wave, per the Zetas, but a steadily rising tide. Essentially, a high tide! Houseboat living is highly recommended, especially for those regions of the world which will flood to an immense degree after the Pole Shift, such as Siberia and the Amazon and Mississippi River regions.

Florida Man’s $10 Billion Plan to Build ‘Floating City’ for the Wealthy
November 29, 2013

The ship will be 25 stories high, over one mile long, and will feature an airport to ferry passengers and residents on and off the boat. Because of its size, it will not be able to enter ports, and will have to be moored off the coastlines of the cities it travels to. According to Sarasota, Florida engineer who designed it, Norman Nixon, the Freedom Ship would circumnavigate the globe once every two years. When Nixon first proposed the project in 1999, many accused him of attempting to create a mobile tax shelter for the wealthy. Condominiums on the ship will be sold once the initial funding for its construction has been secured. One bedroom units will start at $150,000, with luxury units selling for anywhere between $7 million and $10 million.

ZetaTalk Advice 2001: Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

Survivors based on land should also take note of how cozy and cheap tiny houses can be. Designs being featured lately include those built, literally, from trash and dirt. Just the stuff survivors are likely to find in abundance when they can no longer go shopping and paper money is in any case worthless. Other designs tout transportability, so you can build it now and haul it to a secluded valley in the country at the last minute.

The £150 Hobbit Hole
November 25, 2013

This cottage cost just £150 to build, using only natural or reclaimed materials, and is now rented out for a fee of fresh milk and cream. And with no mains electricity, gas or water, the bills don’t come to much either. The 300 sq ft of floor space features floorboards rescued from a skip, while an old windscreen from a lorry provided glass for the windows. Cob houses are built according to a method thought to date back to prehistoric times which uses only earth, clay and straw.  The water supply is free as it comes from a diverted natural spring which gurgles out of a pipe outside, while the ‘natural’ fridge is a shallow well a few yards away from the front door and hidden from view by towering cow parsley.  The WC is a composting lavatory in a separate thatched outhouse with a panoramic view of the Oxfordshire countryside, and the ‘bathroom’ is a tin tub hanging on the wall outside which can be brought in and filled as needed.

Molecule Tiny Homes
July 17, 2013

It’s 17-feet long and has a few notable features: a staircase to the loft, a bathtub, and a fold up porch. The porch at the front door is hinged and folds-up when the house is being moved.
Military Purge
Obama has recently been accused of “purging” the US military. Never mind that the sequester requires the military to reduce its size and cost, in step with the reductions in spending that the rest of the US government must endure, and never mind that ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has created a glut in the already bloated US military. The US military equals the rest of the world combined – Russia, China, Europe, and all other countries combined on one side, and the US on the other, and the scale balances. That’s how big the bloated USA military is. One does not just terminate the grunt soldiers and leave all the good ol’ boys in the officer’s club, presumably. One selectively reduces, and those officers who have shown themselves to be either incompetent or insubordinate or openly breaking the rules or untrustworthy are obvious candidates. But there are other reasons for termination of top officers. We last addressed this matter in Issue 349 of this newsletter on June 9, 2013.  Let’s go down the list.

General Petraeus was forced from the head of the CIA over infidelity. Having an open affair with his attractive biographer, in front of the troops, was flagrant, but working against Obama behind the scenes was likely the real reason for forced retirement.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/24/2012: Petraeus hoped to make the Obama administration look inept, and the truth is only now coming out. Thus as soon as Obama had won the election, those within the administration who knew this approached him about replacing Petraeus, with the information they had in hand for some time – the affair.

General Allen suddenly retired after being cleared of charges. Per the Zetas, he had been traced as part of a group that was blocking Obama’s plans to admit the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X. JFK was assassinated by the DOD and CIA for his plans to inform the public about the alien presence. Would some in the military do any less to block Obama?

ZetaTalk Insight 2/23/2013: The team assigned to arrange the announcement have conducted dozens of false starts to sweep for the opposition, who often lay in powerful positions within the government.  The parties were identified, communicating with each other, and the announcement team can go up the ladder to those at the helm. General Allen was one such leader at the helm.

The prior resignation of General McCrystal’s in 2010 was due to his interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, wherein he questioned Obama’s judgment for closing down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another clear military rule broken, as the rule is that one does not publically disparage the Commander in Chief.
McChrystal on Resignation: 'I Wanted to Stay in the Job'
January 7, 2013

McChrystal said he met President Obama with resignation in hand when he arrived at the White House immediately after the June 2010 publication of the article, “The Runaway General.” The article depicted McChrystal and his close aides disparaging the president and administration leaders, and not only ended his post as commander in Afghanistan but prematurely concluded a 34-year military career for the West Point graduate.
Then there is the matter of the nuclear arsenal at Minot Air Force Base. In 2007, under Bush/Cheney, several nukes were removed and put on a plane headed for Louisianna. None of this official, and only a slight military rebuke occurred for this supposed “accident” though several servicemen who were witnesses suddenly lost their lives in what the Zetas state were assassinations. In 2013, Obama removed 17 officers from Minot Air Force Base for sloppy operations. Was this purge unjustified or was more mischief afoot?

Air Force Sidelines 17 ICBM Officers at Minot AFB
May 8, 2013

The Air Force stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control - and, if necessary, launch - nuclear missiles after a string of unpublicized failings.  The trouble at Minot is the latest in a series of setbacks for the Air Force's nuclear mission. In 2008, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates sacked the top civilian and military leaders of the Air Force after a series of blunders, including a bomber's mistaken flight across the country armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. Since then the Air Force has taken numerous steps designed to improve its nuclear performance.
ZetaTalk Comment 5/18/2013: In an unprecedented move, 17 officers in charge of nuclear missiles at Minot Air Force Base were removed from their commands. Is it just, as reports suggest, that their morale was low due to sequester cuts, and chances of promotions in the future slim? Minot was the base where nuclear missiles were stolen in 2007 and transported by plane to a Louisiana base, thence to be slipped out of the country. This plot was foiled, but not before several airmen were assassinated before they could cooperate with the investigation. Is this purge related?

Following the theme of ensuring that the nuclear arsenal is in good hands are the 2013 terminations of two top generals in charge of the arsenal. Generals Giardina and Carey, both in management over the nuclear arsenal. Gambling debts and heavy drinking were implied or asserted, both indicative of personalities that could be blackmailed or at least prone to bad judgment. Especially when in management over the nuclear arsenal!  Per the Zetas, this was indicative of good oversight on the part of the Obama administration. If one has to reduce the size of the military, only the best should be retained.
No. 2 US Nuke Commander Suspended Amid Gambling Probe
September 28, 2013

Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, the deputy commander of Strategic Command, was suspended from his duties on Sept. 3, pending the outcome of a Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation. STRATCOM is the command that oversees all U.S. nuclear war-fighting forces.
General In Charge of America’s Nuclear Arsenal To Be Relieved Of Command
October 13, 2013

There has been a shake up in the top echelons of U.S. military leadership. Two-star Maj. Gen. Michael Carey is to be relieved of his command over the 20th Air Force. The unit is responsible for the Air Force’s entire nuclear arsenal.

Two Marine Corps Generals Are Forced to Retire Over Fatal Security Breach
September 30, 2013

Two senior Marine Corps generals have been ordered to take early retirement after being found responsible for errors in judgment and failure to provide adequate security at a base in southwestern Afghanistan that was the scene of a deadly — and humiliating — insurgent attack last year that killed two Marines and destroyed six Harrier attack jets. Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus  and Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant will take early retirement.
ZetaTalk Comment 10/5/2013: Forcibly retiring three high level officers in the Navy and Marines, just days apart from each other, is an indication that the orders came from above. Contrary to past decades and administrations, where the old boys club among high ranking officers allowed transfers to avoid retirement, there seem to be new rules in place. Those in leadership positions are expected to earn their rank, else leave. These terminations are putting the rest of the officers in the DOD on notice, to shape up or prepare to be retired. Gambling is an addiction that leaves one open to blackmail, and incompetent leadership endangers troops. This will no longer be tolerated.

And that goes for Navy Commanders giving out confidential information on ship routes in exchange for ladies of the night. So much for Obama’s uncalled for purge of the military!
Navy Commander, Accused of Selling Secrets for Prostitutes, Lady Gaga Tickets
November 3, 2013

Nicknamed "Fat Leonard," the gregarious Malaysian businessman is well known by U.S. Navy commanders in the Pacific, where his company has serviced warships for 25 years. But prosecutors in court papers say Leonard Francis worked his connections to obtain military secrets by lining up hookers, Lady Gaga tickets and other bribes for a U.S. commander, in a scandal reverberating across the Navy. Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz passed confidential information on ship routes.

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