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The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 495, March 25, 2016

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Issue 495.

Political Chess
Things are not always what they seem. Political chess is in evidence all over the world. A politician may  make a move to draw out an opponent, draw them into the open where they are more vulnerable. Putin recently gave the order to his military operating in Syria and Iraq, during the battle against ISIS, to pull back. Of course, a ceasefire is in place, approved by all parties except ISIS and other minor terror groups. Turkey had not abided by the ceasefire, continuing to attack the Kurds, though official Turkey is in agreement with the ceasefire. There are other issues too, with Russia backing Assad and the US backing rebels trying to unseat Assad. Per the Zetas, Putin’s withdrawal orders are a ploy, allowing the factions to sort this out among themselves. Also leaving a void for Turkey to misbehave  so they can rush in and push back against Turkey.
Putin has made one of his Knights vulnerable. Will Turkey move to take this Knight, not seeing that a trap has been laid?

Putin Orders Start of Russian Military Withdrawal from Syria, says ‘Objectives Achieved’
March 14, 2016
Putin orders start of Russian military withdrawal from Syria, says ‘objectives achieved'. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to start the withdrawal of forces from Syria. “I consider the objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished. That is why I order to start withdrawal of the main part of our military group from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic starting from tomorrow,” Putin said during a meeting with Shoigu and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Moscow launched its anti-terror campaign in Syria on September 30 last year. Russia’s participation in the operation, according to a previous statement by Putin, has its basis in international law and has been conducted “in accordance with an official request from the president of the Syrian Arab Republic.”
Analysis: Russian Withdrawal from Syria could Prompt Peace Deal with U.S.
March 15, 2016
The Russians are mainly doing this to force Assad to make concessions in negotiations. Putin apparently decided not to keep his military in place to deal a final blow to Assad's opposition, which could take time and would be very costly at a time when the Russian economy is in recession because of falling prices for its huge oil exports. Rather, his goal is to preserve the security elements of Assad’s regime, but not Assad himself.
Syria Turning Point: Russia Withdraws to play the most of ‘Diplomatic Card’
March 15, 2015
The announced partial withdrawal from Syria does not mean Russia is backing away from fighting Islamic State, but rather marks a turning point in the process of stabilizing Syria. Russia’s participation in the Syrian conflict was never intended to be a permanent thing. It gives, however, a de-facto recognition of partition of Syria. It does secure the Western portion for Assad. Northern part goes for the Kurds. Withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria was a good tactical move in terms of trying to get the peace process underway. If…Turkey and Saudi Arabia are going to take advantage of that withdrawal or want oust Assad, then all bets are off.
ZetaTalk Insight 3/19/2016: Why is Putin suddenly pulling back some of his forces from Syria? It is, after all, the cease fire, with all parties on board re this though Turkey is breaking the rules and attacking the Kurds. There is no timeline announced by Putin, and thus it is a safe maneuver that accomplishes several things. It is a broad announcement that Russia has not invaded Syria, nor does Russia have plans to keep this region as a satellite of Russia. It forces several other parties, friend and foe alike, to settle their political differences without Russia as big daddy keeping order.
And by stepping back, or appearing to do so, both Turkey and the Saudi’s are encouraged to misbehave, thus providing Russia with an excuse when they sweep back in to return the region to its cease-fire baseline. Turkey will certainly attack the Kurds aggressively, and in doing so will provide the excuse to push Turkey back out of Kurdistan, thus providing the Kurds with their own homeland. Those who want Assad to step down, hold elections, will likewise have their opportunity, as will Assad who will not have Russia at his back. The fight against ISIS will not slack off, and the plan to return Syrian refugees will pick up steam.
Turkey’s Erdogan has been accused of trying to reinstitute the Ottoman Empire, grab land such as Greece and parts of Europe. Thus, Turkey was allowing a massive flood of refugees to flow into Europe, to destabilize Europe. Thus, Turkey was supporting ISIS, Erdogan’s son brokering oil for ISIS. Meanwhile, as a member of NATO, Erdogan was posturing to be a team member. Germany’s Merkel has been accused of trying to placate Erdogan, by taking in refugees despite the risks of terrorists among them. Now there has been a backlash against Merkel, who lost in the last elections and may ultimately lose her leadership position.

Erdogan risked his Queen, in his rush to invade and destabilize Europe. Now his Queen may be taken.

Merkel Down—but Not Out—in Germany
March 14, 2016
German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered one of her largest political setbacks at the weekend after her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party saw sharp losses in regional elections with many conservative voters punishing Merkel for her refugee policy. The results have been seen as a damning indictment of Merkel's open-door migrant policy which has allowed more than an estimated 1 million refugees and migrants to enter Germany in 2015.
The Zetas have stated that Trump is not what he seems. Per the Zetas Trump is working with the Puppet Master to prevent both the Bush and Clinton families from securing the White House in 2016. Trump targeted Jeb! and this is now a man down, and has now turned his focus to the wounded Hillary Clinton, who is likely to be indicted soon. Trump and his backer, the Puppet Master, are both very savvy and masters at capturing the spotlight. The media loves a good fight! Enter Anonymous, another group working behind the scenes with the Council of Worlds, the Puppet Master, and Trump! This chess move is not what it seems! Per the Zetas, Anonymous and Trump are hardly enemies, but working on the same team.
The King's Pawns are being threatened by an intruder, but the King is safe. 

Anonymous Declares ‘Total War’ on Trump, plans April Attack
March 15, 2016
Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing. You have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideals. This is a call to arms. We need you to shut down his websites, research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know. We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand. This is not a warning, this is a declaration of total war. Donald Trump – it is too late to expect us.
ZetaTalk Insight 3/19/2016: When we described Trump’s campaign last August we described Trump as a covert operative, not a serious candidate. His role, his job, was to prevent both the Bush and Clinton families from attaining the White House. He focused first on Jeb! and threatened to sue Cruz re his citizenship, and ridiculed the puppet Marco out of the race. Because the announcement admitting Nibiru is dragging on, it now appears that Trump may in fact be the GOP nominee, and as we predicted Trump would play that role too.
Now, for Hillary, who will indeed be indicted along with most of her staff and with the Clinton Foundation.  Long before this time Trump will be laying out Hillary’s past, lies, and crimes daily in the media.  When the indictment occurs, the Democrats will be casting about and will either go with Sanders or recruit Biden, even if Hillary has already been declared the nominee. Trump will allow himself to be beaten, as he never intended to be President, frankly preferring the developer role to endless negotiations that politics requires. Anonymous and Trump are working for the same team! The apparent battle just to provide more media fodder. 
And per Ben Fulford, who is privy to information from many sources, there is an even larger battle behind the scenes. Fulford is primarily focused on financial battles, banking empires which can foment  wars. The battle lines are drawn between the financial interests of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank of the west (the US, Europe, and Israel) and BRICS (Russia, China, Brazil, Iran). The theft of gold from Fort Knox in the past is also an issue, as per Fulford both the Bush and Clinton families were complicit in this. The White House is a prize like none other, in that the US military is as large as all others around the world combined. Thus, blocking Hillary Clinton is no small matter.

The attack has been led by two Castles, a Bush and a Clinton, but one by one these Castles are collapsing, imploding, and crumbing.

Benjamin Fulford - March 14th 2016
March 14, 2016
Biden also told Netanyahu to keep the Israeli lobby out of the US presidential election, the sources say. The military [DIA], FBI and agency rank and file are determined not to let any Khazarian mafia stooge like Hillary Clinton be elected as president this time. The Pentagon sources are saying the election is likely to be one between Donald Trump and Vice-President Biden. Biden is biding his time and waiting to step in after Hillary Clinton is indicted, pentagon and agency sources say. On that front the, “military is involved with a secret grand jury that may have gone rogue against those trying to stop the investigation of Hillary,” one of the sources says.
Benjamin Fulford - March 7th 2016
March 7, 2016
Also, the takedown of Hillary Clinton is moving along quite rapidly. Hillary’s lesbian lover and aide Huma Abedin has been indicted, her IT guy has been given immunity in exchange for testimony and a grand jury is busy interviewing people to see who will be subpoenaed for her upcoming indictment. Charges will include leaking state secrets and using the Clinton Foundation like a secret government among other things, FBI sources say.
ZetaTalk Insight 3/26/2016: As with the supposed battle between Trump and Anonymous, things are not always what they seem. What is clear is that there is a battle behind the scenes between those who want Hillary to secure the White House and those who do not. This has nothing to do with political leanings, as if Jeb Bush had prevailed, the push might be for he to succeed. As we explained, the theft of gold from Fort Knox, the permissive attitude toward Wall Street crimes, and the rise of Trump during the 2016 elections is all intertwined.
One side, including the Bush/Clinton families, is pro Israel, pro Wall Street, pro using the US military to secure Middle East oil for these elite families, and very, very anti-Trump. Trump and the Puppet Master, along with the secret societies that Ben Fulford is working with, are on the other side. The fact that the US Federal Reserve was freed from the control of powerful Jewish bankers shows which side is winning. Meanwhile, the media is being pulled in all directions.
During the early days of Hillary’s Emailgate the public had been privy to various anonymous leaks from FBI sources. But now despite vigorous denials from the Clinton crowd, the investigation seems to have expanded to include prosecution by the Department of Defense, armed with evidence of violations against the CIA and NSA secrets. The DOD, after all, can call a Grand Jury and hold trials! The DOJ is not the only prosecution arm of the federal government.

The remaining Clinton Castle is crumbling, under relentless attack by the opposition’s Bishops.

Hillary Faces National Security Establishment ‘Uprising’ Over Emails
March 16, 2016
As Clinton’s case progresses, it appears the probe is being directed by intelligence and national security law enforcement authorities rather than civilian agencies subject to political influence. The intensity of anger among intelligence community figures became clear when Gen. Michael T. Flynn, former defense intelligence agency [DIA] director under Obama, said that “someone who does this is completely irresponsible, but totally unaccountable and shows a streak of arrogance to the American public that is unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for President of the United States.”
Judge Napolitano: Indictment Certain in Clinton Email Scandal Before November
March 7, 2016
Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano explained in a Fox Business panel discussion last week that the granting of immunity against self-incrimination to Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up the private email server for Clinton that is central to an ongoing investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), means the Department of Justice intends to secure indictment of a person or people up the “totem pole” from Pagliano in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. First, notes Napolitano, “only a federal judge can grant immunity.” Napolitano further explains that a federal judge will only grant such immunity for a witness “the government needs to testify before some proceeding,” which Napolitano notes in this instance would be a grand jury proceeding.
ZetaTalk Insight 3/26/2016: When powerful interest groups are ascendant, they use threats and bribery as inducements. Those in the public or the media who want access to power, want their requests granted, or want jobs and contracts are unwilling to offend the ascendant who might be in power in the White House in the future. Where former federal prosecutors and judges list the statutes that Hillary herself has broken, and Fox News reports this, CNN is agast that Jose Ramos even posed the question to Hillary about a possible indictment. Clearly an FBI investigation and immunity for her IT guy are clues that this is not all about sorting out paperwork. Meanwhile, the indictment of Hillary marches on. Ben Fulford, who has a very high accuracy track record, has pointed to DIA as well as FBI and CIA and DOJ involvement in her indictment. This is confirmed by other insiders reporting in the press. The DOD as well as the DOJ has prosecutors, and can empanel a Grand Jury. The game is on, and is not leaning in Hillary’s favor!

Signs of weakness in the Hillary Clinton campaign are evident, despite her huge advantage in the polls and among Super Delegates. The Clinton crowd is trying to assert, incorrectly, that Obama has endorsed her and wants Sanders to blow out.

Left without protection, the crumbling Clinton Castle is blowing dust in the wind.

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton
March 17, 2016
In unusually candid remarks, President Obama privately told a group of Democratic donors that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was nearing the point at which his campaign against Hillary Clinton would end, and that the party must soon come together to back her. Mr. Obama made the remarks after reporters had left a fund-raising event in Austin, Tex., for the Democratic National Committee. The comments were described by three people in the room for the event, all of whom were granted anonymity to describe a candid moment with the president. The comments were later confirmed by a White House official.  Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to quit the race, according to those in the room. Still, those in attendance said in interviews that they took his comments as a signal to Mr. Sanders that perpetuating his campaign, which is now an uphill climb, could only help the Republicans recapture the White House. The Austin event was hosted by Kirk Rudy, a real estate executive, and raised money for the Democratic National Committee. Attendees paid as much as $33,400 a ticket.
In Private, Obama warns of Bernie Sanders' Flagging Campaign
March 17, 2016
Mr. Obama, according to the Times' sources in attendance at the fundraiser, stopped short of calling for Sanders to drop out of the race. He said he was not endorsing either candidate and that both would make good presidents. White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked whether the president had effectively endorsed Clinton at the fundraiser. Earnest told reporters "Our success in November in electing a Democratic president will depend on the commitment and ability of the Democratic party to come together behind our nominee. And the president did not indicate or specify a preference in the race."
ZetaTalk Insight 3/26/2016: So what to make of this latest report by DNC insiders, who paraphrase Obama’s off the record words after reporters had left the room, as being so pro-Hillary that it was an essential endorsement. Says who? The DNC insiders? Debby Wasserman-Schultz has already broken several rules to fund Hillary and tried to deny Sanders access to the donor database. Josh Earnest, the White House spokesperson, has already been caught having to retract his statements that the investigation is “not trending” toward an indictment of Hillary. Did Obama indicate that the Democrats should rally behind Hillary, as the front runner? No. Has he made positive statements about Hillary in the past? Yes, as he would of anyone whom he had given a position of authority. To do otherwise would cast doubt on his own judgement. 
Gibraltar Swarms

Quake swarms at the Straits of Gibraltar show the intensity of the African Roll, which is tearing apart the straits. The quakes appear to be hammering at one particular point along the plate borders, a resistant point where the rock fingers grip each other.

Per the Zetas, the Africa Roll, now in process, will ultimately result in an increased distance of 125 miles between Spain and Africa.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/1/2011: The Straits of Gibraltar will widen by 125 miles, as Africa drops, and Morocco will move 50 miles further east. Where the Sinai Peninsula is considered part of the African Plate, the Red Sea is clearly ripping open. Thus both the Red Sea at the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba tearing up into Jordan will rip open, leaving the Sinai Peninsula positioned like an island with few direct attachments.

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Cosmic Vision News - 03 . 18 . 2016

TNT Tony’s Call for 03 . 18 . 2016

The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 494, March 20, 2016

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Issue 494.

Cleaning Up Earth

The Earth today is choking on pollution – PCB’s that linger and do not degrade, and plastics that form vast floating islands in the oceans as they likewise refuse to degrade. Recent good news from a Japanese lab is that a new bacteria has emerged that breaks down this intractable plastic. It appears that this, and perhaps other, bacteria have evolved to meet the need or rather to take advantage of a new food source. Evolution is not something that occurred eons ago and is now in the past. Evolution is ongoing!

The Bug that Eats PLASTIC
March 10, 2016
Millions of non-biodegradable plastic bottles containing polyethylene terephthalate, or PET are made every year - and many end up littering streets and oceans. Now Japanese researchers have discovered a bug that 'eats' these compounds, offering the tantalising hope of a cleaner planet in years to come. By screening bacterial candidates able to break down the tough material, they came across Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, which is able to use PET as its source of energy. Researchers from Keio University in Tokyo have identified a bacterial hero.
Plastic-Eating Bacteria could Save the Earth
March 11, 2016
Polyethylene terephthalate, used in most disposable water bottles, is considered one of the world's most environmentally damaging plastics. Researchers found a potentially planet saving bacteria thrives on the plastic and can break it down to consume. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is also used in other products such as polyester clothing, frozen-dinner trays and blister packaging. But this material was only invented 70 years ago, which leads researchers to believe the bacteria evolved the ability to break it down and consume it. After the bacteria latches on to the PET surface it releases one of the enzymes to produce an intermediate chemical, which is then consumed. The second enzyme breaks it down even further into carbon that provides the bacteria with more energy.
Just like the probiotic bacteria in our intestines, which aid our digestion, there are oil eating bacteria in nature. Remember the Gulf Oil spill, when it appeared the amount of oil had overwhelmed the oil eating bacteria in the Gulf? Where were those little buggers? Then the miracle emerged, as the oil eating bacteria reproduced and grew in numbers. All that yummy oil as a food source!

Meet the Microbes Eating the Gulf Oil Spill
These microscopic life forms are blooming as a result of the oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico from the Macondo 252 deep-sea well.
The Zetas have long been asked about the Aftertime, after the Pole Shift has destroyed industrial centers filled with chemicals such as sulfuric acid and bleach. Will cities become cesspools, unlivable, due to ruptured tanks of such chemicals? Per the Zetas, it will not be those helpful bacteria that come to the rescue, but the hurricane force winds during the hour of the Pole Shift, and the great tidal waves that wash the coastlines during the Pole Shift, and the torrential rains that pound the Earth for some time after the Pole Shift will disburse these chemicals, which then lose their noxious power. 
ZetaTalk Insight 1/15/1996: Poisons, such as acids or caustics, do their worst damage because of their concentration. Diluted, they are essentially harmless. Between the tidal waves, the torrential downpours that seem endless after the cataclysms, and the hurricane force winds that accompany the pole shift, dispersal and dilution is very thorough. Even radioactivity is only a poison because mankind gathered it together, and if allowed to disburse, would be as the cave man found it. You may be surprised to find that your chemicals, combined, reduce each other's impact! These noxious chemicals were once non-noxious, in nature, and find their way there again.
Wetlands are a feature of nature, occurring naturally along rivers and in low lying lands. But in man’s greed to possess every acre of land for suburban sprawl or even industrial parks, wetlands have been eliminated, filled in with dirt. Dykes and levees have been constructed to hold back seasonal floods. The great quakes during the Pole Shift will break these artificial barriers, and allow river water to flood what was formerly wetlands, re-establishing them. Wetlands are a key cleanup tool. In Nature, it is the flow through the marshlands that cleans the sewage effluent. In constructed wetlands, compressed in space, the waste water comes in high and leaves at a lower outlet, thus forcing the flow through the plants.

Wetlands for Water Quality Management – The Science and Technology
January 10, 2012
Toxins enter the wetlands through farms, factories and runoff. These toxins are broken down or otherwise buried using a variety of bacteria.  Wetland systems significantly reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD), suspended solids (SS), and nitrogen, as well as metals, trace element, and pathogens.
Constructed Wetlands
April 22, 2010
Water is distributed across the surface of a sand or gravel bed planted with wetland plants; the water is treated as it percolates through the plant root zone.
Even when the water looks clean, the Zetas have repeatedly warned that drinking water, or water to be used for cooking, needs to be distilled. Distillation not only kills pathogens that can cause infections, it also leaves heavy metals behind in the base boiling water. Lead poisoning will be a big concern, as this rises up, temporarily, in the magma swelling into cracks in the Earth and will be present in the volcanic ash that dusts down from the sky.
ZetaTalk Advice 8/15/1995: During the pole shift volcanoes, old and new, will violently explode. The resulting ash will sift down from the upper atmosphere for decades, poisoning ground water. Humans driven to drink this gritty water will find more than grit between their teeth, they will find their nervous system beginning to fail them. After a cataclysm the lead heavy mantle has been spewed out over the landscape, most of this vomit in the form of fine billowing dust. Our advice on distilling water to remove heavy metals such as lead presumes that volcanic ash will be falling, be included in the rain or fog, and accumulate on the ground.
What about nuclear pollution? Survivors of the Pole Shift will not be alone in this struggle. The Zetas have hinted at help in the future. Do they have a chemical that can neutralize radioactivity? I, Nancy, watched a demonstration done for MJ12. A Geiger counter was waved over a canister that included radioactive material, and crackled. Then a Zeta came forth with a clear liquid in a vial, pouring this into the canister. Then the Geiger counter again, which was utterly silent! Just because this kind of expertise is available, among the Service-to-Other visitors who work under the direction of the Council of Worlds, does not mean that mankind should be complacent. The Earth is mankind’s school house, and as in the past, man is to learn from his mistakes. Thus, nuclear disaster are a possibility, with innocents suffering as a result.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/15/1999: Can we straighten out pollution? Yes. This is in the main done even before the transformation to 4th Density. We are already affecting the planet Earth, as we are resident on Earth and intended to be future residents, ourselves and our hybrids are counted in decisions on whether we can affect our future home. We can also simply alter radioactivity. Man tends to think of this as something that takes thousands, perhaps millions of years in half life spans to affect radioactivity, but what causes radioactivity is the structure of the atom and the nucleus, and this can be altered by chemistry just as the nature of hydrogen and oxygen forming water is an alteration. All atoms are affected by what they come in contact with. None stand alone. All of them are affected. 
Meanwhile, some Service-to-Other humans on Earth are not waiting. From Cambodia to Mexico to Cuba to the Mississippi, cleanup is underway.

Aki Ra was forced at the age of 10 as a child soldier to work planting mines for the Khmer Rouge. Now grown he is risking his life daily to remove mines. He is not only making things safe for others, he has also adopted 30 orphaned kids as his own!

Florence Cassassuce, of La Paz, Mexico is a project coordinator for a Mexican nonprofit group. She devised a super-fast water purifier, allowing UV to purify the water of pathogens.  A five-gallon bucket can purify several day’s worth of water in four minutes. She says “to feel good about yourself, think less about you and more about others.”

Irania Martinez Garcia of Guantanamo, Cuba, who lost a daughter to leukemia due to the burning plastics, has taught hundreds of residents to learn how to grow food efficiently while using organic and sustainable materials from the local dump and their own trash. Garcia's idea was to clean up the dump by organizing it into organic and inorganic piles, and then use the organic material to make compost, which would be used to plant fruit trees. The inorganic materials would be stripped down to the core and resold for parts.
Chad Pregracke, has helped pull more than 67,000 tires, 218 washing machines, 19 tractors, 12 hot tubs, four pianos and almost 1,000 refrigerators from the Mississippi River and other waterways across the United States. All this is then recycled. He and his crew organize community cleanups along rivers across the country. Chad’s passion for the work is contagious, and his humor creates an upbeat atmosphere.
Brilliant Brazil
A brilliant Second Sun video was captured during a Brazil sunset on March 3, 2016, along with the reflection of this dual sunset on the cloud bank to the East. Note that where Nibiru is normally found at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere, in this video the Second Sun shows up at the 9 o’clock position. This is due to the slant of the Ecliptic in the Southern Hemisphere, which is opposite the slant seen from the Northern Hemisphere. Per the Zetas, seeing Nibiru as a distinct orb is NEW, indicating Nibiru has drawn closer. Previous captures showed the Second Sun as a glow and/or a reflection.

ZetaTalk Observation 3/12/2016: This dramatic video captures a clear Second Sun, located where Nibiru would be in a view from the Southern Hemisphere. The Second Sun is distinct as an orb, not just a glow, and if compared to former captures of the Second Sun will show that it is drawing closer to the Earth. The combined sunlight, both from the Sun itself and from sunlight bouncing off the vast dust cloud shrouding Nibiru, created an intense reflection on the clouds directly to the East of the setting Sun. Such drama will be on the increase, around the world, making it clear to the populace that they are dealing with a planetary body nearby, and that the establishment has been lying to them about it. 

An examination of past Second Sun captures on film does indeed show that they are invariably a glow, with a reflection on the water possible, but without a clear outline of a distinct orb in the center of the globe. This can be seen in 2006, 2010, 2013, and 2015. The Brazil video capture is new!  

Wobble Worsens
As Nibiru draws closer, the Earth is more distressed. She is trying to align magnetically with the Sun but the N Pole of Nibiru is pointing directly at the Earth, thus the Earth wobble caused by the Earth’s N Pole being pushed away on a daily basis, and later bouncing back as the Earth attempts to re-align with the Sun. This Earth wobble has been described as a Figure 8, discernable from reading taken around the world as far back as 2004, after Nibiru had entered the inner solar system. At first, the Figure 8 was gentle, them more aggressive, swinging in wider arcs. At times, the Earth would try other maneuvers, such as a temporary lean to the left or pointing into opposition.
ZetaTalk Comment 11/27/2010: If Planet X moves slightly, the Earth may suddenly move into opposition, as she has before pointing her N Pole toward the Sun. Or the Earth may flip sideways into a temporary lean to the left, thrown sideways.
ZetaTalk Comment 7/4/2015: What to expect as the wobble worsens is that the swings will get more extreme, may suddenly switch about into opposition or a temporary lean to the left, ultimately arriving at the Last Weeks. Measure where your sunball rises to determine the progress of the wobble.
A dramatic swing akin to a temporary lean to the left happened on March 3, 2016, captured by Alberto in Italy. He registered the sunball at sunset at Azimuth 222, a full 33 degrees too far South, in the southwest. On this day, many reported to me via email that there seemed to be a hush on the Earth, a sudden silence. Dogs who were normally restless were sleeping. The birds outside were less raucous. In addition, earthquakes were suddenly down, of a smaller magnitude.  

The Sun on 3/3 at 17:29 is way too far to the SouthWest. An impossible position as the expected position.
The tilt of the globe for Europe was also causing a more northerly sunrise, as observed from Germany.
My observations at sunrise in Germany are that since March 3 a change in location was noticable - about 10-12 deg to far N-NE. Instead of continuing to rise to ES-S, the Sun thereafter went up very steeply, almost over head.
This tilt to the northeast for sunrise was also visible in Wisconsin, from an observer who kept immaculate records in January and February, 2016. Sunrise from Wisconsin was late and too far north, consistently. In January, 2016 the sunrise is consistently late by 15-20 minutes, and too far to the North by up to 22 degrees. In February, 2016 the sunrise is consistently late by 10-15 minutes, and too far to the North by up to 15 degrees.

ZetaTalk Observation 3/12/2016: We have mentioned in the past various maneuvers the Earth can do to evade magnetic conflict with the approaching Nibiru. As Nibiru approaches, he is in the line of sight with the Sun, so the magnetic conflict is unavoidable. The Earth literally jerks back and forth to align first with the Sun, then with Nibiru, then back with the Sun. This jerking around causes the plates to jerk around, thus acute 7 of 10 plate movements. We have mentioned that the Earth will, on occasion, try to ease this conflict by pointing its N Pole away to the left, in a temporary Lean to the Left. It may also ease this conflict by pointing its N Pole toward the Sun, in a temporary Lean into Opposition.

It has been noted recently that the Arctic is melting, and the tilt of the Figure 8 over Europe so extreme that sunset is fully 33 degrees too far to the SouthWest and sunrise noticeably in the extreme NorthEast. This is neither a Lean to the Left nor a Lean into Opposition, but is an accentuated wobble. Does this ease the pain of the wobble on the Earth plates? It does indeed, just as a boxer in the ring would find the blows not hitting as hard if he deflected to the right or left, moving with the punch. Thus creatures who had been almost perpetually distressed by the electronic screech would find peace, and humans hearing the quiet would be perplexed.

Eclipse Revelations
The total eclipse of the Sun on February 25, 2016 revealed little of Nibiru or its vast debris ridden dust cloud and Moon Swirls. As usual, photos and videos of the eclipse were forced by the brightness of the Sun to reduce the glare, so that even the stars in the sky beyond the Sun were not visible. Only the Sun, and its corona, are visible. Nevertheless, a pink round glow did appear in the direction where Nibiru would be expected in Video and still photos

The eclipse was visible in Indonesia, which is right on the Equator. In the Northern Hemisphere, Nibiru is seen at the 4 o’clock position of the Sun. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the 11 o’clock position. Thus the pink glow that is seen, in the shape of an orb, is mid-way, at the 7 o’clock position.

Another factor in the failure of Nibiru to make an appearance is its current distance from the Sun. The Zetas have emphasized that during the 8 of 10 phase Nibiru seems to pull to the right, but in actuality it is the Earth that has pulled to the left as far as possible. Thus, it would be outside of the view of the many cameras focused on the total solar eclipse.

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TNT Tony’s Call for 03 . 11 . 2016

The ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 493, March 16, 2016

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Issue 4932.

West Coast Gassed

On February 25, GEOS and other satellites detected a massive amount of CO (Carbon Monoxide) emitting from the West Coast of the N American continent. This was not just along the coastline, but was several states or provinces deep, from Mexico to Canada. This distress along the West Coast was shown by CO (Carbon Monoxide) charts as well as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) charts and SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) charts. The CO emissions were extreme, 180 times normal, and were causing distress in the human population affected who were reporting feeling sleepy, tired, and having bright red skin – all signs of CO poisoning. It was also clear these emissions were coming from the ground. A week later, on March 3, 2016 NASA cobbled together their anticipated excuse. It was all a satellite failure! Never mind that the satellite only seemed to malfunction when over the West Coast of the US.

Carbon Monoxide Spikes to 27,000+ Where "Usual" is only around 150 on West Coast - May Signal Coming MASSIVE Earthquake
February 27, 2016
Carbon Monoxide Spikes to 27,000+ Where "Usual" is only around 150 on West Coast - May Signal Coming MASSIVE Earthquake. Scientists are working feverishly to try to determine the cause, but, they say a consensus is quickly developing:  The earth itself is emitting this gas and it is being released into the atmosphere via seismic fault lines; cracks in the earth's surface where tectonic plates rub together. If levels continue to rise as they presently are, people could be overcome, pass out and die from this. As of 11:00 PM eastern US time on 27 February, 2016, there is no other place on the entire planet with Carbon Monoxide levels this bad or this widespread.  It is completely unprecedented!
The Zetas have continually stressed that the N American continent is being pulled into a bow shape by the plate movements caused by the daily Earth wobble. The Atlantic pulls apart, the Pacific compresses, but the N American Plate cannot roll during this process because of its flat top. Thus, there is bow stress on the continent which will only be relieved by a New Madrid adjustment.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/5/2016: We have stressed the bow tension in the N American Plate, which cannot roll as it has a flat top, and can only endure the distress of being pulled into a bow as the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward the tip of Mexico. The center of this bow is near San Diego and LA, where fracturing rock has recently caused a natural gas rupture at Porter Ranch. The tension in this bow will not be released until the N American Plate rips, diagonally, along the New Madrid Fault Line. This will allow the SW portion of the continent to move westward, while the NE portion remains attached to its present moorings.
The most notable response around the world to stress in the rock from being pulled apart or compressed has been methane release, which has resulted in dramatic beams of light. The West Coast of the N American Plate certainly has trapped vegetative material between rock layers during the many time the Pacific and Juan de Fuca plates have pushed under the N American Plate. Does CO accompany this methane release? Methane gas results from the decomposition of buried material, a decomposition process that proceeds without oxygen.  Thus CO, rather than CO2, would likely accompany methane.  But the gases being emitted and recorded on February 25 are also typical for volcanic releases. The region affected by the February 25 releases is also noted for volcanic activity and in fact, exactly outlines the region affected.

Volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean
Common gases released from volcanic fissures and craters include sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water vapor.
The concentrations of different volcanic gases can vary considerably from one volcano to the next. Water vapor is typically the most abundant volcanic gas, followed by carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.
So what is causing the West Coast gasses? A pending earthquake along the San Andreas? A pending volcanic eruption? Per the Zetas, both are pending, but since the bowing of the N American Plate will only be relieved by the New Madrid adjustment, this must come early in the process.
ZetaTalk Explanation 3/5/2016: There are numerous emissions registering up and down the West Coast, starting on February 25, where the rock is fracturing under this tension. Carbon Monoxide levels, up to 180 times higher than normal, are being recorded and causing distress among the residents. That this is coming from the ground is not being denied. Is the new Madrid about to slip, or will this tension continue to build? Both will happen, but this situation will undulate. Sliding and rupturing is occurring between rock layers all the way to the East Coast, so the CO emissions may also register there at times. Just when the tension will result in a significant New Madrid adjustment we are not allowed to say, but this is clearly in the near future.
Another example of stress at the bow center is the Porter Ranch drama near LA. Commercial natural gas is collected from the Porter Ranch area, and methane gas is naturally present in the mix. Due to what is being called a broken pipe, both gasses are spewing in abundance, driving the residents in the area to vacate. Methane gas, after all, smells like rotten eggs. Per the Zetas, Porter Ranch problems are also attributable to the N American bow stress, and all this is only going to get worse, which it did!

Negligence by Southern California Gas Co. led to Massive Porter Ranch-area Gas Leak
January 26, 2016
The well, one of 115 at the sprawling storage facility, has been leaking since Oct. 23, sending methane into the atmosphere above the Los Angeles Basin. The gas has a noxious additive that has also entered the air, prompting residents' complaints of a rotten egg-like smell. The company has tried several times to plug the well, but those efforts were unsuccessful. Since early December, the utility has been drilling a relief well to intercept gas from the damaged one and seal it.
L.A. Gas Leak Spewing Lethal Levels of Breathable Nuclear Material
February 5, 2016
In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material. This rogue well is spewing huge amounts of natural gas and about 1.91 curies an hour of natural radioactive material in the natural gas.
Huge Natural Disaster gets little Media Attention
February 7, 2016
Methane makes up the largest component of natural gas, which is both invisible and odorless. alarmists have claimed the leak is far more serious than health officials are letting on, citing the radioactive material such as uranium and radon in the natural gas. Ongoing efforts to plug the well have been unsuccessful. Southern California Gas crews are in the process of drilling a relief well to seal off the damaged one. Work is expected to be completed by late February. In January, the gas company abandoned a plan to capture and burn the leaking methane after regulators raised concerns about safety and explosion risk.
ZetaTalk Insight 2/13/2016: We have described the destruction that awaits Iraq at some point during the 8 of 10 phase, wherein the pointed tip of the Arabian Plate turns during the African Roll, ripping open the oil and gas fields there, creating a holocaust. This is of course not the only part of the globe to foster such a holocaust.  California is in the center of the bow that the N American continent is being forced to assume, prior to the rip along the great New Madrid Fault Line in the center of the continent. We have described this center as being at San Diego, but Los Angeles is just nearby.
During prior Pole Shifts, the compressing Pacific forced California to push up while rock layers subducted beneath the coastal mountains. This trapped vegetation, included kelp and seaweed from the Pacific Ocean, which when rotting became vast pools of methane and natural gas. The natural beauty of the Los Angeles basin and beaches and the temperate climate have allowed Los Angeles to attract a huge population, now put at risk. Will the increasing tension of the N American bow and the near proximity of the San Andreas Fault Line incite a blowout?
When earthquakes strike a large city, there are invariably fires, especially in a city serviced by natural gas. Electrical wires, snapped during the quake, can start fires but when all is in motion, sparks are everywhere. It is inevitable that a vented pool of methane and gas will spew, during the pressure of the moving San Andreas, and even if capped, this will be forced open by the pressure of the plate movement. Fortunately for the residents of Porter Ranch, they will have moved out of the area by this time, to escape the smell!
Nibiru Daily - Year in Review

Certain webcams, notably in Italy and France, allow a good view of Nibiru at sunset, as this faithful Pole Shift ning blog documents. Nibiru shows up as a pink orb, often in its double helix shape when the two dominant Moon Swirls that curl off to either side are visible. Given the slant of the Ecliptic at sundown, from upper left to lower right, Nibiru is consistently appearing at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun.

This is not the Moon, which appears during May, 2015 but not thereafter. It is not Venus or Mars or any other planet. There is only one conclusion to be drawn, this is Nibiru, seen in the view toward the Sun, surrounded by red dust and its Moon Swirls, and drawing ever closer to the Earth.

Nibiru follows the Sun, through the seasons, which can be seen from the year in review. As the Sun moves south during the Winter, the webcam follows it, and more of the island can be seen. In Summer, only the northern tip of the island is seen in the cam. Yet Nibiru follows the Sun, consistently.

The Italy webcam is periodically taken offline, or pointed elsewhere, particularly during the crucial hour when Nibiru is visible. This happened again in late February, 2016. Perhaps it has become too visible, too obvious. The cover-up is alive and well, but apparently truth has its advocates and the webcam has, in the past, been returned to its crucial view. We hope for its return this time.

And lo, by March 2, 2016 it returned, dragging its double helix behind it!  One can only imagine the battles going on behind the scenes. But once again, the good guys won. Truth prevailed! 

Pope vs Trump

Pope Francis and Donald Trump got into it on the issue of immigration. This is a hot button with the Pope, who per the Zetas has talked to many Head of State imploring them to consider the innocents who might arrive at their borders. He’s talked to Putin about this issue.  Pope Francis has taken on capitolism and advocated for wealth distribution. Pope Francis has taken on the Vatican’s rules against remarriage and homosexual unions, and advocated normalizing relations with Cuba. Pope Francis has embraced little green men from Mars, saying he would baptize them if they wished. So why should he shy away from taking on an orange headed monster - The Donald himself?

Donald Trump Vs. Pope Francis: HOLY WAR!
February 18, 2016
A holy war erupted today between Pope Francis and Donald Trump as the Pope suggested that Trump was not a good Christian. The Donald snapped back that when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS they will wish he was in charge and that the Pope was a pawn of the Mexicans. Back on his plane to head back to Rome at the end of his Mexico visit a reporter asked the Pontiff about Trump. His answer was, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”
Trump vs. Pope Francis
February 19, 2016
Trump called Pope Francis a “wonderful guy” after the pontiff said the candidate is “not Christian” if he wants to deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. “I don’t think this is a fight,” Trump said. “I think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media.” Trump added he would meet with the Pope “anytime he wants.”
Per the Zetas, both Pope Francis and Trump are aware of the pending passage of Nibiru. Those in the establishment and having great wealth are surely in the know. Heads of state have been aware of Nibiru since 2003 when they were informed by Bush. Thus the Pope is clearly aware that many islands in the Caribbean and the whole of Central America will be devastated during the coming passage, and many refugees will be looking to the lands in the US for refuge. Would a President Trump build a wall against this desperation?
ZetaTalk Opinion 2/20/2016: Of course the pending passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X is discussed anytime the Pope counsels a Head of State. We have explained since the Fall of 2003, when George W Bush informed Heads of State about the pending passage during a world meeting in France, called ostensibly to mend fences over the invasion of Iraq, that Heads of State are aware. Beyond the public sermons the Pope grants, which get good press, these private meetings with Heads of State are an opportunity to counsel those in positions of power and influence to do good. But what must be born in mind is that the Pope can only counsel, he cannot dictate. 
New Life for Convicts

The Zetas hold Pope Francis in the highest regard for his consistent Service-to-Other message.
ZetaTalk Opinion 2/20/2016: Pope Francis is highly Service-to-Other, on par with some of the greatest souls who have visited Earth in the past to provide guidance to mankind where so many young souls struggle to choose the right path. His message is one of love, to lead with compassion. Rather than place barriers against those in need, assist them, sharing resources and providing shelter and opportunity. Pope Francis seeks to break down political and religious barriers, which have been erected in most cases for gain by the elite. Rules, and territoriality, are so often the tools of the Service-to-Self.
While in Mexico he showed his hand once again, encouraging convicts to become “prophets” for good and thus lead people to a better way of life.

Pope Francis in Mexico - Give the Pope a Sombrero!
February 17, 2016
Pope Francis is on a six-day trip to Mexico where he will symbolically trace the path of migrants and bring comfort to a population besieged by drug wars and official corruption.

The Pope in 'Hell': Holy Father visits Notorious Prison in Mexican City
February 18, 2016
Pope Francis has told prisoners in a notorious Mexican prison to become 'prophets' and to use their experiences through 'hell' to help the country break its cycle of violence. Francis made his plea at the state penitentiary of Ciudad Juarez, a city once known as the world's murder capital, days after a riot killed 49 inmates at another Mexican prison. He visited its newly-painted chapel and addressed hundreds assembled in the prison yard, telling them they should use their experiences to help 'put end to this cycle of violence and exclusion. 'The one who has suffered the greatest pain, and we could say "has experienced hell," can become a prophet in society.' The pope argued that a country's security problem 'is not resolved only by incarcerating,' arguing that the structural and cultural causes of crime must be addressed.
This is a theme among some CNN Heroes, who work with former inmates to turn their lives around. Motivation, and empathy, is strongest among those who have suffered the most. For them, it is not just words, but survivors reaching out to help others survive.

Carolyn LeCroy is a former inmate who was charged with helping a friend keep marijuana in a storage unit. Her sentence of 55 years was eventually reduced, but during her incarceration this mother of two witnessed firsthand the effects of broken relationships between incarcerated parents and their children. LeCroy started the Messages Project, and has recorded over 9,000 videos in five states to help bond families. She says "For many of the inmates, these videos are the first time they have taken responsibility and apologized to their kids, and the first step to establishing a bond that was lost when they went to jail." She tells them to “speak from the heart.

Collette Carroll runs a pre and post release relationships program at San Quentin. “They start to care about themselves, they start to care about the people they hurt. And then we move forward with life skills, and setting them on to succeed.” Colette states that those who have stayed in touch have not returned to prison.  She says “Any life is worth helping”.